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Exalted Reincaranated is a fan-made, top-to-bottom mechanics rewrite of the Exalted System by Onyx Path Publishing.

The aim of this project is to provide a new system that is simplier to learn, but still provides a greate variety of customization to the player. This is, as best we can make it, an entirely new “edition” of the game, where we take everything apart, analyze its purpose, and build anew.

Mechanical Highlights:

Contributors from and Special Thanks to:

Codex, DeProf Gaming, Effendoor, Exthalion, Insuling, Jancarius, Kaleth, Ortha, Redman808, The Red One, SkyBoundFencer, Soarin1, Sponsored by Nobody, Tsurumah, Wolfblade, and Zeus

As well, I would like to thank the systems and their authors of Anima Prime (Christian Griffen) and Godbound (Sine Nomine Publishing), as they have both been a great help when puzzling out mechanics.