Sense-Riding Technique

Cost: 3m
Type: Free; Scene
Mins: Awareness 2, (Element) 1

Choose an element, associated with a sense. Three purchases of this charm will grant all effects, and lower the cost to 1m.

For Earth, so long as you keep contact with the ground, you may feel any movement up to (Essence) miles away, though must make an associated Awareness roll to resolve and understand the tremor.

########## Greater Charms

Echoes Caught in Stone

Cost: 8m
Type: Simple
Mins: Earth 5, Awareness 5

The walls listen, and at your touch they speak.

You perceive the past, as experienced by the stone or earth around you. Voices and movement can be felt of a specific scene are replayed for the next few moments. An Earth roll is needed to resolve understanding. Dice penalties should be applied for anything that has happened longer than a year ago.


Thicker than Stone

Cost: 2m
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Earth 2, Integrity 2

Your emotions and decisions are a bedrock, stabilizing not only yourself, but those around you.

When another is threatened by a Social Action, you may grant use of your Intimacies to them, allowing them to be used defensively.

Elemental Bolt Attack

Cost: 2m
Type: Simple
Mins: (Element) 2

You may make a ranged elemental attack, treating it as a Medium Ranged weapon.

Earth grants the ability to either restrain or push a character away with force, at your choice, so long as this attack exceeds their Soak.


Cost: 4m
Type: Simple
Mins: Earth 3

Create an environmental earthquake, of at most two range bands in diameter, for 3 Rounds.

To cross this area, characters must make an Althetics check vs. 3, even if they do not contact the ground. If they fail, they take 3 damage.

########## Greater Charms

Wound-Denying DragonFaith

Type: Reflexive; Scene
Mins: Earth 4

Nothing may halt a Dragonblood that has started in motion.

Once per Story (and then at a cost of one Strife), the Exalt’s motions cannot be stopped or halted by any means for the remainder of the scene. They declare one target, such as reaching a position, person, or completing a simple task. No bonds will hold them, nor any status halt them in their tracks. They may be forced to sleep, mired in muck, or have the fires of heaven raining down on them—yet their body will still continue its movements. Their body will even continue moving through death, holding on their Soul until the scene ends.

Falsehood Unearthing Attitude

Cost: 6m
Type: Simple
Mins: Earth 4

You understand the bedrock upon which people stand on—and when that rock shakes and fails underneath them.

Make an Earth Roll. Should it succeed the target’s Resolve, you become aware of an intimacy, secret, or concept that the target would be willing to betray their own typical morals for.

Impossible Strength

Cost: –
Type: Permanent
Mins: Earth 4

So long as you are in contact with natural stone (which exceeds your body mass at least 2x), you may heave, heft, throw, tow, or otherwise perform Feats of Strength at 10x your normal capacity.