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Character Creation

Dragonbloods have access to the Elemental Words of: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Wood, and has Aspects named the same.

Strife Expression

Fortitude of the Elements

Choose a Favored Ability. When you roll with that Ability, take either the result of the roll, or the average of the roll. (I.e. If rolling with 10 dice, you are guaranteed at least 5 successes.)

Aspect Strife

Earth: You may shape any earth around you, such as by raising a defensible wall around a town, or boring a tunnel through a wall or similar structure. So long as the material is natural earth, or made primarily of it (such as hewn stone or bricks.) Forged metals such as steel will resist this change, and materials such as artifacts are unaffected.

Great Curse

The Curse manifests through the bloodline, and inflames the emotions, personalities, virtue, or flaw of the character with raw elemental might.

Typical interpretations:

Fire Aspects find that they become consumed by their passions—unable to sit still, burning alive in their heart and compelled to do whatever first flits into their mind, then turning to another at the drop of a hat.

Earth Aspects become hyperfocused on one, only one idea. They cannot be turned from it, cannot be distracted, and cannot be stopped