One Thousand Gods

Creation is host to thousands upon thousands of Gods, elementals, spirits, creatures of power, and even demons who may decide to uplift their chosen mortal to be their champion—though doing so is often at great cost to themselves.

Not all of these are “pure” Exalts: some are simply gifted temporary power, some will find their power comes from external sources, and some aren’t even mortals at all, but creatures from outside of Creation. There are even cases where a spirit has fused with a mortal, bringing out a new being altogether.

Whatever their source, and in spite of their precise taxonomy, Creation deems these all as the “Exigent Exalted”–the Exalted of the “little gods”.

Though, simply because they are Chosen by those that history skips over, does not make them any less powerful than their peers.

Creating an Exigent

Each Exigent is a unique creation, and so there is little binding one Exigent to another. Rather, each will need to be Custom made.

The option does exist to craft an Exigent from the ground up, and there are those experienced crafters may find joy in doing so. However, that is not needed.

Exigents should be created by looking at what already exists, and mixing, matching, and reflavoring to create that which is personal to the character.

Step 1: Decide who your Benefactor is

You should have a clear picture in mind of what the creator of your Exalt is—and what their power sets are. Are they the God of Luck? An elemental that has merged with your spirit? Or perhaps they are a creature of power from beyond the farthest reaches of Creation?

Whatever it is, all of your powers will be focused through this light, and you should reflavor what you choose to match.

Step 2: Choose your Character Creation bonus

Choose one character creation bonus from the following:

  • Gain 5 dots of Abilities

  • Gain 3 dots of Attributes

  • Gain 2 dots of Attributes, and 2 Abilities.

  • Gain 1 Lesser Power

  • Gain 3 dots of Merits.

  • Permanently Gain 2 Motes to your pool.

Step 3: Pick Anima Abilities

Then, you may choose (or create) any 2 Caste Anima Abilities, from any Exaltation and/or caste. They do not have to match. For example, you can choose one from the Solar Night, and another from the Lunar Changing Moon.

Step 4: Pick Charm Sets

Choose (or create) 3 charm sets, and gain any associated Supernatural Ability if there is one.

For example, if you are creating “Rip Tide”, the Chosen of the evermoving and dangerous waters, you would choose the charm sets of Dawn (Solar), Water (Dragon-Blooded), and Shapeshifting (Lunar). You would gain access to the supernatural abilities of Water and Shapeshifting.

Focused Choices

You may have noticed that Exigents don’t have as wide a breadth as other Exalts—they have fewer charm sets to choose from, and not as many character creation bonuses as others.

This is simply because they are custom creations—and therefore their choices will be tailor-made to a specific character and idea, so there is nothing chosen that isn’t immediately used.

The other Exalted have to be far more general in their selection, and so there will often be some bonuses and selections given to characters that they will never use.

Step 5: Choose Excellency

The last mechanical step when creating an Exigent type character (before actual character creation), is to create or choose an Excellency—that power which represents a character pushing past their normal limits, but at great mental strain.


Creating an Excellency

When choosing or creating an Excellency, truly consider the thematic of this power, as it is your most general, fallback ability. In particular, consider the balance between consistency and power peaks.

The most consistent Excellency—the baseline—is “Add +2 successes to your roll” with no qualifiers. This is a perfectly fine Excellency for balanced, consistent powerset. To add more, you will have to add limitations, according the concept of your Exaltation. Take the following thought processes for existing Exalts:

  • Solars are known to excel at whatever they put their mind to. They are consistently good at doing so, and so add a straight number of successes with no need for rolling. However, they are left to the wind when attempting something they have not dedicated their life to—and so use their Ability score. They easily, consistently can get +5 to their roll, but at the cost of not being able to apply it to things they aren’t already good at.

  • Lunars are generalists, using primal powers (represented as Attributes) to their advantage. Their Excellency is always there for them should they choose to use it. However, their powers are far more mercurial than others, and so are represented as dice (typically 4-5 dice, or 2-2.5 successes on average). They can continue to push more and more, at the cost of more stress.

  • Infernals seek not to make themselves better, but to destroy that which is in the way. Instead of adding dice, they decrease the difficulty by destroying it. It has a similar mechanical effect as adding straight dice, but does come to the disadvantage that they can never excel at what they want to do. They therefore cannot gain Anima using the Excellency, nor ever change a pure failure (0 successes) into a success no matter how hard they try.