Impending Doom

Cost: 2m
Type: Free Action; Scene
Mins: Cecelyne 1

The Infernal may make an Influence Emotion action without being the source of the Influence. The target will ascribe this emotion to the closest thing that they can rationalize. If Panic were to be placed into them, they might become convinced that their ally is about to betray them.

Induced Paranoia

Cost: 5m
Type: Simple; Scene
Mins: Cecelyne 2

The Infernal spikes their words with seeds of doubt, paranoia, and fear, and then impales it into the mind of a target.

Roll (Charisma + Cecelyne) against the Target’s Resolve. On a success, select a particular subject or concept that is to be barred. The Target gains an immediate Intimacy of Secrecy towards this concept and will attempt nearly anything to not talk about it, no matter how banal or benign the concept actually is.

Often, the Infernal may use this false Intimacy to leverage out actual secrets and information the Target may know.

Inopportune Desire

Cost: 4m
Type: Simple
Mins: Cecelyne 3

The Infernal leverages a target’s Intimacy, and rolls (Insight + Cecelyne) against the target’s Resolve. If successful, the target will express this Intimacy in an uncontrolled, expressive manner—either immediately, or with a specific trigger the Infernal states.

Knowing the Desolate Heart

Cost: 5m
Type: Simple
Mins: Cecelyne 4

The Infernal may make a Discover Intimacy action against a target to find out the target’s current, most pressing Desire that they cannot currently achieve. Unlike most Discover Intimacy rolls, the target does not need to be actively displaying any signs of this current Desire.

Conflicting Desire

Cost: 6m
Type: Simple
Mins: Cecelyne 4

The Infernal leverages an Intimacy of a character, rolling (Insight + Cecelyne) vs the target’s Resolve. If successful, they force the character to simultaneously take an equal and opposite Intimacy for the remainder of the scene. The target will attempt to rationalize this new Intimacy as best they can—if they are one who reveres the Immaculate Order, they might rationalize that their new hate for the Order is specifically about its high devotion cost in their lives, for example.

########## Greater Charms

The Curse of Truth

Cost: 8m
Type: Simple; Scene
Mins: Cecelyne 4

On a successful (Insight + Composure) roll against the target’s Guile, they become cursed and unable to utter anything but the truth for the remainder of the scene.

As You Wish

Cost: 10m
Type: Simple
Mins: Cecelyne 5

Upon observing a genuine, unambiguous desire or wish, the Infernal may intercede as a benefactor—at a price. The character will gain what they desire, but the Infernal will collect a favor in return. The favor does not need to be specified at this time.

In the moment this Charm is activated, the character and the Infernal become joined through the mind’s eyes, and all illusions and influences of reality fall to the side. Full understanding of the arrangement is immediately understood, as is the very real doom that would befall them if they refused to complete the favor. The character is given a choice to accept or reject the deal. On their decision, the inner eye fades, and all that remains is the knowledge of their decision.

The granted wish may take the form of a dot rating of an Attribute, Ability, or Merit that is either mundane or within the purview of the Infernal and the Endless Desert. Wealth, mortal followers, spies, even mutation of the sand creatures may be granted—but something like the blessing of a Yu-Shan god cannot.

When granting the wish, the Infernal may choose to be as direct and obvious as they want—ranging from a gradual change over the scene with no discernible source, to a blazing fire of green anima.

When the Infernal comes to collect the favor, the target will instantly know they must perform it or experience the Dooms of the Endless Desert. The Infernal cannot command the target to do anything that is literally impossible for the target to do, and the target cannot be bound to the task for more than one month.

A character cannot be the beneficiary of this charm more than once a year.

Player characters, including the Infernal themselves, are restricted to only gaining 20 Resources from this Charm, and not on anything that costs xp such as Attributes or Abilities.