Character Creation

The Infernals gain access to the domains of the realm of Malfeas, named for the Yozi they fall under: Malfeas, Cecelyne, She Who Lives In Her Name, Adorjan, and Ebon Dragon.

There are more Yozi that may choose an Exalt, which may expand this Supernatural Ability List.

The Infernal then gains an additional Favored Ability in the Supernatural Ability associated with their patron Yozi.

Green Sun Prince The Infernal, by their nature, is respected and commands the denizens of Malfeas. So long as their (Essence) rating is higher than the demon’s, the Infernal may command a loose Demon to do something as though they had it as an Ally.

However, this cannot directly interfere with orders, directions, or other restrictions placed on the Demon by entities with an Essence Rating higher than the Infernals, nor can it cause a summoned Demon to go against their Summons bindings.

Infernal Sorcerers summoning do not need to make deals with Summoned Demons with (Essence) less than them, and can simply command them to do their bidding.

Cursed Riches Once a Story, the Infernal may use up to 20 RES of Malfean resources to supplement their Projects. However, these cursed goods cause the Infernal to roll one additional complication roll.

[[ May use them as Resources, but also cause problems]]

Supernatural Abilities


[[Focuses on the concepts of Raw Power, Domination]]


[[Focuses on Hypocrisy and Desire]].

She Who Lives In Her Name

[[Focuses on Cold, Unfeeling Logic and Utilitarianism]]


[[Focuses on Freedom from all Bindings ]]

Ebon Dragon

[[Focuses on Opposition and Retribution–the ultimate Nemesis (In the classical sense) ]]



The Endless Desert spreads. By Spending a Strife Point, the Malefactor can take over a Lesser God’s domain for a day, such as a river, a field, or even a burgeoning village god.

The domain becomes filled and descreted with the endless desert, where the Malefactor reigns. They hear all the prayers that would have been made to that God.

In this blighted zone, all Summons of Demons may be made, regardless of the time of day. As well, it becomes an entry point into the Endless Desert, allowing those that desire to, or are hapless enough to fall prey to the desert, to start the five days journey into Malfeas.

Strife Expression

Infernal Spite

The Infernal intimately knows failure, and feels its Spite close to their heart.

Spend a Strife Point, and choose a Favored Ability, and then one of the Nine Attributes. Immediately gain a number of Spite equal to their chosen Ability’s rating.

For the remainder of the scene, the Infernal may decrease any character’s number of successes equal to the number of Spite expended, so long as they are using the targeted Attribute.

If the targeted character is ever forced to have negative successes, they immediately Botch their roll.

The Infernal may regain their Spite by sacrificing their own successes made when they use their chosen Favored Ability, at a rate of 1 success per 1 gained Spite.

Great Curse

Infernals are Influenced by their Coadjugator, the demon who merged with the mortal to form the Infernal. They are often plagued by inhuman, alien desires and actions.