Character Creation

The Lunar gains access to the Supernatural Abilities: Shapeshifting, Beasts, Spirits, and Wyld, which may be Favored at character creation.

The Lunar is granted an additional Favored Ability that must be spent on one of these four Supernatural Abilities. This brings their total number of Favored Abilities to 6.

The Lunar chooses an animalistic Spirit Form, which is an embodiment of their soul–a symbol of their true self. It should hold some deep personal meaning to the Exalt.

Choose a Tell, which is a distinctive characteristic that persists through all forms of the Lunar. This could be a scar, tattoo, physical characteristics, or something more supernatural like an oversized and misshapen shadow.

  1. A Lunar’s Anima banner, in addition to glowing, is a suffusing and

    merging of her form with her Spirit Shape.

    Hybrid Body Rules: You may either choose mutations totaling two boons, or three boons and one bane that represent your Spirit animal. The remaining aspects that are merged in become purely aesthetic–wings that do not grant the ability to fly, for example.

Supernatural Abilities


[[ Rules for Shapeshifting.

By default (all can be altered through Shapeshifting charms):

  • No smaller than cat, no larger than horse

  • Mundane animals only (e.g. those without Essence. Creatures that

    have been mutated by the Wyld are still okay, though that is frowned upon by the Silver Pact)

  • Full transformations. All or nothing.

  • Takes a Secondary Action to perform

Lunars keep their same stats between forms, but may gain a temporary mutation based on the form (e.g. wings).

You get (Shapeshifting) permanent forms that you can turn into, in addition to Spirit Form. You gain them by taking the form that has been discarded by a Great Change. (which is called a Sacred Hunt).

Typically a Great Change is through death–particularly with beasts–but it is not limited to it. If you were walk with a human and witness them in a turning point of life, you could hop into their old form.]]

Shapeshifting to forms grants boons and disadvantages. The boons are typically just there, but if challenged provide +2 Successes for boons, -2 successes for disadvantages.

Sample Projects

  • The Lunar may impart Mutations from their forms upon mortals.


[[Use and control over wild beasts of the land]]


[[Communication with spirits, walking the spirit realm, and such spiritual things]]


[[Harvesting and using Chaos. Walking through, understanding, and being fluid like the Wyld]]


[[Lunars can switch Castes at the start of a new Story? Does this add anything?]]

Full Moon

The Full Moon is a fearsome beast of physical might. By spending a Strife Point, they gain the following for the remainder of the scene:

  1. +(Essence) dice to all Feats of strength

  2. +(Essence) for all Movement rolls.

    1. In combat they may take a Dash action without suffering the DV


  3. +5 END.

Changing Moon

No Moon


Strife Expression

Lunar Adaptability

The Lunar chooses two Attributes and fuses them. For the remainder of the scene, so long as they describe how both Attributes help them in their action, they may use the sum of the two attributes for their roll.

Who Becomes a Lunar?

[[Those that throw off shackles

Great Curse

[[Lunars are troubled by their Identity. Are they man or beast? Do they know who they are? Where do they belong? Are they influenced by their spirit shape to be non-human?]]