Martial Arts

Deadly Beastman Style

Shapeshifting, Physique, Brawl

No External Armor, No External Weapons

The Deadly Beastman, on taking this form, merges their Spirit Form and Human form into one, as though they had flared their anima to its full level.

The Beastman grows natural weaponry, based on the natural weaponry of their Spirit Form. While they are still considered unarmed, they may use the statistics of Unarmed, Light, or Medium Weaponry, with an added +1 to Base Damage. The category choice should be reflective of their Spirit Form’s natural weaponry.

The Beastman gains the size of Large (+1 Soak, +3 Endurance, and -2 successes on Fine Dexterity/Sneak rolls). This does not affect Lunars who are already of size Large (or bigger).

If the animal form has natural armor, such as a carapace or scales, they may gain an additional +1 Soak at the cost of -1 Evasion.

Aside from this, other mutations still follow the Hybrid Body Rules (including their alteration from the Hybrid Body Rearrangement).

Hide-Hardening Technique

Cost: (2m per Dmg)
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Physique 2, Shapeshifting 1

The Lunar reinforces their body, hardening their defenses against an attack. They may reduce damage from a Decisive Strike at a cost of 2m per point of damage, up to (Essence) times on a single Strike.

Howling Visage

Cost: 5m 2i
Type: Simple (Maneuver)
Mins: Physique 3, Shapeshifting 2

The Lunar lets loose a great and terrifying Howl upon the battlefield, using their (Strength + Physique) vs Resolve against all enemy characters that are within Medium Range of the Lunar, and can either hear or see them. On success, all who hear them lose 3 Impulse.

Rip and Tear

Cost: 4m, 2i
Type: Supplemental (Decisive)
Mins: Physique 4, Shapeshifting 3

With raging claws, and teeth, the Lunar shreds their target apart, dealing (Essence) additional Damage.

########## Greater Techniques

Halting the Scarlet Flow

Cost: 7m
Type: Free Action
Mins: Physique 5, Shapeshifting 4

The Lunar immediately regains (Shapeshifting + Essence) / 2 Endurance.

Towering Giant Enhancement

Cost: –(2m)
Type: Permanent (Free Action)
Mins: Physique 5, Shapeshifting 5

Instead of becoming Large on entering the form, the Lunar may instead become Gigantic (+2 Soak, No Fine Dexterity/Sneak, -2 Evasion, +5 End).

The Lunar may switch between Large and Gigantic as a Secondary Action costing 2m.

Regardless of if the Lunar is Large or Gigantic, they gain an additional +1 Base Damage.

Dangeous, but Obvious

The Deadly Beastman Style is one of the most devastating ways a Lunar has to tear down their foes, but there is no way to hide the nature of the Lunar while using it.

Lunars will need to pick up another Martial Arts, or choose not to activate this style, if they have need of hiding thier true nature.