Familiar Face Confusion

Cost: 5m
Type: Primary; Scene
Mins: Deception 1, Luck 1

By chance, the Nocturnal is confused for another in a way that is beneficial to the Nocturnal. This may either be by being mistaken for a rank of an organization, or a specific person.

This may grant one temporary dot in a Merit such as Ally, Resources, or Influence, or it may be as simple as being granted entry into a closed party.

This charade lasts as long as the Nocturnal as Motes committed, until the scene ends, or if the actual person/member of an organization the Nocturnal is confused for shows up.

Sometimes Apples Fly

Cost: 4m
Type: Reflexive (Scene)
Mins: Athletics 3, Paradox 3

The Nocturnal cuts their bonds with the reality that exists, and instead tethers their bonds to the pull of the Night Sky.

Gravity for the Nocturnal is inverted and allows them to fall upwards, at their choice. Fall damage still applies.

Dual Face Observation

Cost: 3m
Type: Primary
Mins: Paradox 2, Awareness 2

You may observe a person, or specific point from two places (that you could normally access) at the same time.

You may use this to place a “sentinel self” to watch guard while your “true self” is performing normal tasks.

Improbable Response

Cost: 3m
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Athletics 2, Paradox 1

A thousand possibilities flash before the Nocturnal’s form, allowing them to predict an attack and move out of the way.

Reduce damage from an incoming attack by (Essence).

########## Greater Charm

Mind of the Mad Genius

Cost: 5m
Type: Primary (Scene)
Mins: Luck 4

A plan so daring, so implausible, so inefficient, and verging on madness comes to Nocturnal.

The Player describes a plan so implausible, so dangerous, so inefficient that it seems madness to even embark upon it.

And yet, should the proposed plan be carried through, the strategy will work.

Rolls taken to further this strategy get a reroll.