Character Creation

The Nocturnal gains access to the Supernatural Abilities of Time, Luck, Paradox. The Nocturnal gains an additional Favored Ability that must be placed in one of these Supernatural Abilities.

Fluctuations By spending a Strife Point, the Nocturnal may temporarily alter the world in a way that still obeys the laws of physics. This change should focus on one aspect of the scene that is different, such as “What would this village look like if a historical event happened differently”, or “What if this city had a lake”.

This change follows the same rules and logic as if it were a Project no more than 10PR in cost, and must follow the Rules of Anachronism. This change lasts for One Day, before reality snaps back into place.

Renewal On dying, and by spending a Strife Point, the Nocturnal vanishes from the scene to another location they might have been at. They then start a Day-long process of reincarnation into a possibility of who they might have been. While they will have the same memories, their personality, physical appearance, and gender might all change

If they are again killed during this renewal process, they will truly die.



Spend a Strife Point. Your Anima banner expands around you like a fog, up to (Essence x5) meters in radius. Those you choose who stand who become suffused in it suffer -1 success on all Mental rolls. On specifically perception rolls, they suffer -2 successes.

Supernatural Abilities



The endless river of time cannot be changed, but it can be altered, manipulated, and used for the benefit of the Exalt.

The powers of time may be used to manipulate the speed of actions, skip between near-events, and peer into the past or future for advantage.

Rules of Anachronism

  • Life and Death cannot be changed

  • Changes may only affect those with an (Essence) score less than the


  • Changes to the past are tricks, and will always snap back to the way

    they were. However, effects caused by the altered past during the scene will remain.

  • Changes must always follow the rules of possibility, and while

    improbable, must still follow the rules of physics.


[[Luck is the power of….luck. It’s pretty self-explanatory]].

Chance Die
Luck often relies on Chance Die for their effects


Paradox is the holding of two contradictory possibilities at the same time, as well as reversing cause and effect.

Strife Expression

Nocturnal Luck

Spend a Strife Point, and select a Favored Ability. For the remainder of the scene, whenever rolling with that Ability, do so twice, and take the preferred result.

Great Curse

Nocturnals are plagued by Consequences of Meddling. Their Primary Favored Supernatural Ability will often lash back in inopportune ways. They may be forced to skip through Time, suffer from bad luck, or find themselves trapped in a paradoxical consequence of their action.