Martial Arts

Duality of Position Style

Light Armor or Unarmored, Unarmed or Light
Abilities: Stealth, Paradox

The Martial Artist knows that the reality of position is malleable, and more than one possibility exists.

When they enter this Form, the Stylist summons an alternate version of themselves up to one range band away from their position. This visage of themselves is called their “Shadow Copy,” which is a hazy visage of their form cloaked in the fractured light of the alternate reality. It gains +2 automatic successes on all stealth rolls during combat

Whenever the Stylist takes a Move action, the shadow copy may also take a Move action of the same type, but in a different direction.

As well, Instead of taking a move action, the Stylist may choose to swap places with their shadow copy.

Lesser Techniques

Collapsed Waveform

Cost: 3m
Type: Supplemental; Scene
Mins: Stealth 1, Paradox 1

When the Stylist and their Shadow copy make a move action, they need not cross the intervening space. Rather they entwine the possible where they are already at their target location, and confuse reality into resolving them into the desired location—which still must be possible for them to reach in one action.

They make no footfalls to hear, for there are none to be made. They disturb no traps, and portals such as doors remain unopened.

Unresolved Duality

Cost: 1m
Type: Supplemental
Mins: Stealth 3, Paradox 2

The Stylist halfway transitions with their shadow copy. While making a Flurry attack, they may attack any and all targets within reach of both their original position and their shadow copy.

Uncertain Direction Attack

Cost: 4m, 2i
Type: Supplemental (Decisive)
Mins: Stealth 4, Paradox 3

While making an attack in the same turn after swapping positions with their shadow self, the Stylist strikes at their befuddled and confused target, granting +(Essence) dice to their attack. As well, the attack will target Soak.

Greater Techniques

Vanishing Act

Cost: 5m
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Stealth 4, Paradox 4

Upon being hit, the Stylist may reflexively swap places with their shadow copy, dividing the total damage of the attack in half.

The Stylist will take the position of their shadow copy, and the copy dissolves upon being struck, reforming on a spot next to the Stylist on their next action.