Faultless Ceremony

Cost: 2m
Type: Simple; Week
Mins: Performance 2, Serenity 1

On completing a Project worth at least 10 PR, and that results in a grandiose ceremony—anything from a newborn’s naming to a funeral—the Celestial Bureaucracy smiles on those non-Exalted citizens who performed in the ceremony, blessing the inhabitants. Crops grow larger, harmony and peace is enjoyed, and so on for a month. Any attempts to disrupt this Fate receives -1 success on their attempts.

Perfection in Life

Cost: 5m
Type: Simple; Day
Mins: Performance 2, Serenity 2

The Sidereal performs in front of a group no larger than 100 people, rolling a (Charisma + Performance) Action Roll, while leveraging a particular Intimacy. Any audience member in concordance with that Intimacy, and with a Resolve less than what was rolled gains +1 to their Resolve for a Day.

Defense of Shining Joy

Cost: 5m, 2i
Type: Simple; Scene
Mins: Performance 3, Serenity 2

Assisting another with the glorious tempo, the Sidereal gifts +(Performance)/2 to the target’s Evasion. The Sidereal may only grant this to (Essence) targets, and may not give it to herself.