Character Creation

The Sidereal gains access to separate aspects of reality, represented by the Supernatural Abilities: Journey, Serenity, Battles, Secrets, and Endings.

The Sidereal then gains an additional Favored Ability in the Supernatural Ability associated with their Caste Name.

Arcane Fate Those who gaze upon the Sidereal with Resolve less than or equal to the Sidereal’s (Essence) do not recognize that a person is in front of their eyes.

Resplendent Destinies. The Sidereal may take up to (Essence) Personas, which the Loom of Fate back up as having relevant backing, allies, and backgrounds to be in a location.

Astrology. Using their Supernatural Abilities, Sidereals can weave Projects into the actual loom, causing changes to happen and befall a city or civilization according to their domain.

Formal Training. If the Sidereal has been trained in heaven, they gather the following:

  • Language: Old Realm

Supernatural Abilities



[[Focuses on the concepts of Space and Time. Position, placement]]


[[Focuses on Emotion, relations—between people, and civilizations]].


[[Focuses on Conflict. Internal, External. —this will need to be defined better]]


[[Focuses on Knowledge, memory, and what reality is. ]]


[[Focuses on the changing of times, the turning of the guard. – this needs better definitions ]]



By spending a Strife Point, for the remainder of the scene Fate will conspire to bring joy, happiness, revelry, and unification of a group of people up to the size of a Village. All efforts to directly support this endeavor receive (Essence) extra dice, while any direct efforts to oppose this course of action take an (Essence)/2 (rounded up) penalty.

Strife Expression

Sidereal Fate

A Sidereal can manipulate Fate, making reality itself a tool for their aid.

The Sidereal selects one of their Favored ability, and then can change the Target Number rolled when that ability is used. They may either reduce the target Number up to (Essence), or increase it by up to (Essence)/2 for all characters in the Scene.

For example, an Essence 3 Sidereal targeting Archery could reduce all Archery Rolls to Target Number 4, or increase it to a Target Number of 9.

1’s are always failures, and 10s are always double successes.

Who Becomes a Sidereal?

[[A Sidereal is there because they were Fated to be a Sidereal]]

Great Curse

Sidereals are plagued by the certainty of Fate. They become tangled in the webs of reality. They may rebel against what Fate says, believing that there is no way to actually mess up any plans. They may become cold and detached to prevent the whims of reality from hurt