Martial Arts

Heartstring Weaver Style

Written by Codex Empyrean

Abilities Archery, Serenity
Weapons Bow
Armor Unarmored, Light

Accuracy is calculated off of (Archery + Serenity)

While in this style the practitioner is able to forge a simple ward for themselves or an ally by solidifying the ambient love and compassion around them.

The Practitioner bolster’s their allies, choosing (Essence) wards as combat breaks out. The ward applies a temporary bonus to maximum Endurance to the target equal to the practitioner’s Essence x2. All damage will affect the ward first.

When the ward fades, either by loss of damage or if the Practitioner decides to terminate it, the Practitioner may spend 2i as a Reflexive action to whisk the target of the ward towards themselves, so long as the ward is within Medium Range.

The Heart Skips a Beat

Cost: 3m
Type: Primary (Maneuver)
Mins: Archery 2, Serenity 1

The Archer of Joy rolls the entirety of an emotion into their shot, imparting it into the target. Perform a Ranged Attack Maneuver with (Dex. + Serenity). If it is higher than the Resolve of the character, force them to discard 3 + (Essence) Impulse.

Drunk on Love

Cost: 5m, 1i (+3m)
Type: Supplemental (Decisive Attack)
Mins: Archery3, Serenity 2

The Practitioner channels the ambrosia of distilled love into a single arrow intoxicating the target. The archer makes a Decisive attack versus the target’s Resolve, not DV. If the target takes at least 5 points of damage, and the Archer pays an additional (3m), the target will randomly attack any target on their next action.


Cost: 5m
Type: Reflexive; Scene
Mins: Sorcery 4, Serenity 3:

The Practitioner becomes buoyed and carried by the very emotions of serenity, allowing them to jump 20 meters into the air, as well as drifting down slowly, unable to take Falling Damage.

When taking a Move action, the practitioner may do so vertically, even into thin air. However, if they end their action without firm footing, their next Round’s Move Action will be consumed by them slowly drifting to the ground.

########## Greater Techniques

Wellspring of Compassion

Cost: 8m, 2i
Type: Simple
Mins: Archery 4, Serenity3

An Archer of Compassion can reweave their arrows to heal rather than damage. Upon impact the arrow bursts into a shower of pink sparks. The target’s wounds begin to seal and a wellspring of energy fills them.

The target regains Endurance equal to the archer’s (Serenity + Essence).

Duality of Love

Cost: 7m, 2i
Type: Simple; Instant/One Scene
Mins: Archery 5, Serenity 4

The Practitioner weaves into their arrow either the pain and sorrow of love or its warmth and hope.

When imbuing the arrow with sorrow they deliver a devastating blow to the target’s psyche. The user makes an attack, using (Dexterity + Serenity) as their roll, (Essence) as their Base Damage, and the Target’s (Resolve) in place of DV. In addition to dealing Damage, the target suffers paralyzing grief for (Essence) rounds, only able to take either a Primary or Secondary Action during their turn.

You create a bonding tie between the target and a concept, person, or ideal of your choice on an (Dexterity + Serenity) hit over their Resolve. Any Lesser Foes becomes an ally of that binding, whereas Greater Foes gain an intimacy towards it, and must roll their (Will + Integrity) vs (Practitioner’s Serenity) to directly harm it for the remainder of the scene. If they succeed once on their roll, the Intimacy is dispelled.

Charcoal March of Spiders

Abilities Sorcery, Secrets
Weapons Unarmed
Armor Unarmored

While in this style, any movement action the practitioner takes is crawling across the Loom itself, rather than the physical space. This allows crawling through physical barriers, and avoiding environmental effects.

The Practitioner is considered to be Dematerialized during these brief moments, and cannot perceive the outside world.

The Practitioner reduces any grapple attempts made against them by -2 successes.

The Practitioner may use (Dexterity + Secrets) for their unarmed Attacks Rolls.

Unnatural Steps

Cost: 5m
Type: Supplemental (Move); Scene
Mins: Sorcery 2, Secrets 1

The Practitioner clings to the strands of Fate, not the ground beneath her feet. The practitioner may redirect to where she falls towards—be it towards a certain wall, a beam, a ceiling. This target must be part of the scene and cannot be a person.

The Practitioner must use this technique again to change or cancel this effect.

Maw of Dripping Venom

Cost: 3m
Type: Supplemental (Decisive)
Mins: Sorcery 3, Secrets 2

On an attack that deals at least 1 point of damage, the target immediately loses either 5 Peripheral Motes or 2 Impulse (Practitioner’s choice).

########## Greater Techniques

Rain of Unseen Threads

Cost: 8m
Type: Simple; Scene
Mins: Sorcery 4, Secrets 3

The Practitioner shoots out up to (Essence) threads to unattuned, unattended objects, or otherwise unclaimed scenery within Medium Range, and tears at their reality, altering some metaphysical aspect of them. Pillars become soft as clay, toppling over in an instant; water as light as air and rising to the sky.