Character Creation


In addition to their five Favored Abilities, the Solar gains a Supernal Ability.

A Supernal Ability is considered to be a Favored Ability for all aspects of the game, such as for xp cost calculations. In addition, a Solar may buy Greater Charms and Martial Arts Techniques that use their Supernal Ability, even at Essence 1.

In the case of Supernal Sorcery, the Solar may be inducted into each circle as though they were +2 Essence. They may enter into Sapphire Circle at Essence 1, and Adamant Circle at Essence 3, gaining access to their respective spells.

Expanded Mote Pool

Solars gain an expanded Peripheral Mote pool: (Essence) + 5 additional Motes, bringing the total to:

Peripheral (Essence) x3 + 20

Defining Intimacy

A Solar must choose a Defining Intimacy as one of their three intimacies.

Anima Arsenal

The Solar may form an armament out of their own Anima. This armament is equivalent of Artifact 2, including the bonus to stats. The armament is clearly magical.

Projects may be performed to increase the Anima weapons to higher Artifact ratings.

Solar Excellency

By spending a Strife Point, the Solar may double a favored (or supernal) ability for the Scene. This effect carries over to derived Static values.


The boundless essence of a Solar is, in itself, a dangerous weapon. With certain charms and actions, the Solar can lance out their anima itself as an extension of themselves.

This Soulfire is particularly threatening to Creatures of Darkness.

Creatures of Darkness

These are any Spirits, demons, or other supernatural creatures whose bodies and nature recoil at the sight of the Sun and his Chosen. The following are a broad stroke classification of Creatures of Darkness:

  • Denizens of the Underworld, such as ghosts, specters, and zombies, and even its champions, the Abyssal Exalted.

  • Any Spirits of the Night, those gods and monsters of Creation that live in the shadows of reality. Luna and her chosen are not part of this classification.

  • Demons descended from the Ebon Dragon.

Being classified as a Creature of Darkness does not belay some corruption of the heart—for example, many of the Night Spirits are dutiful citizens and stewards of the Unconquered Sun—it only represents that their very Essence cannot stand the incredible light in front of them.



Spending a Strife Point, the Dawn immediately instills an emotion of Fear, Awe, Intimidation, or similar emotion into up to (Essence) targets. This may affect targets that normally do not feel said emotions, such as golems and zombies.


Spending a Strife Point, the Zenith’s flaring anima becomes a weapon against all those that shirk from the Sun’s Gaze for the entire Scene. All Creatures of Darkness who end their action within Close Range of the Zenith immediately take 5 Damage. Any creature or being who dies in the bathing light of the Zenith cannot be raised as a zombie or hungry ghost.


The Twilight’s mind brims with possibilities unseen to others. Spending a Strife Point, the Twilight predicts a sequence of events that they, and their companions, may take to bring about their desired result in a scene. The Storyteller must accept this prediction as fact when crafting the scene.


The Night caste excels at secrecy and subtlety. By Spending a Strife Point the Night may choose at any time during the Scene to conceal or reveal their Anima Banner, up to Burning Level.


The Eclipse is the ultimate diplomat, and can bring even hardened enemies to the table. Once per Story and by spending a Strife Point, the Eclipse caste may force an armistice between two (or more) parties. For the next scene, all involved are forced to meet peacefully, and cannot attack each other during discussions.

In addition, an Eclipse may spend a Strife Point and sanctify an Oath willingly made by Non-Player Characters. The NPC will not be able to break said oath.