Heroes of Mankind

Gifted power from the greatest of Gods, Solars are the paragons of mankind, representing humanity at its greatest. They are natural-born leaders, scholars, generals, and the architects of society. Yet they are also its cruel tyrants, forcing others to follow in their grand plan—regardless of their desires.

Whatever a Solar sets their mind to, it will be done, and it will be done in the most exemplar way possible.


The Unconquered Sun grants his blessing to those who have an incredible drive, a force of personality that would change their world no matter what power they have.

Every exaltation is different, but the blessing of the Sun will often come during a seminal moment of the mortal’s life, after they have accomplished some great achievement that is theirs and theirs alone. The moment is more often than not extremely obvious, as a great bonfire of anima erupts, bathing the mortal in golden light.

The Unconquered Sun occasionally chooses to speak to his Chosen in their moment of exaltation, giving them ancient wisdom and guidance. More often than not, though, he simply communicates through a feeling of pure emotion, ensuring that the Solar knows they were chosen for a reason.

Solars as Antagonists

The same qualities that make a Solar a natural Hero will also produce some of the greatest villains. Simply to stand in the way of Solar’s progress—even unintentionally—is enough to earn their ire.

They will never will think of themselves as being in the wrong. To them, they are always the hero—no matter what drastic actions they take or people they hurt along the way.

Great Curse

Solars are often plagued and defined by their Ego and Control. Caretakers of great power, they will see the problems and ills of the world only in relationship to themselves. Great injustices that have been generational problems will become their personal responsibility, and a judgment on their mind until it has been solved.

The following are a few examples of Solar Great Curses:

All-Consuming Grief

The horrors of the world become too much to bear, and the Solar shuts down, weeping tears at the great injustices. They may turn to purifying rituals in an attempt to heal the soul of the world, or even themselves.

Contempt of the Virtuous

The world may be beyond saving, but those around the Solar must be unfaltering in their purity. No slight against purity, no matter how small, should be upheld. If lectures and kindness will not work, then other methods of reprimands might.

Crushing Doubt

The burden of the world is too much for the Solar to take, and they become filled with self-doubt and depression. The simplest of tasks becomes unbearable, the smallest of responsibilities just a chance to fail yet again.

Deliberate Cruelty

The world is a broken place, why fight it any longer? The Solar snaps at those closest to them, speaking words of biting retort that pierce hearts with unerring accuracy and painful depths.

Heart of Flint

Caring for others is too much of a hassle, and too much pain. The Solar becomes a machine of pure logic, following a path devoid of empathy and feeling.