Sorcery is an extension of the Occult Ability. It is the manipulation and control of the flows of Essence of the world, rather than their internal flows. Instead of Charms, Sorcery relies on ritualistic, exact recantations called Spells to enact the power upon the world.

Spells are different than charms, as they are exact, classified, and known by name. Charms are simply descriptions of things the Exalted naturally gravitate towards—Spells are ritualistic, prescribed motions that bring about the same result that must be learned. Only the most skilled of Sorcerers can even make aesthetic changes to the spells they perform.

The three levels of Spells are classified and known in the world of Creation and have many names depending on the tradition and culture of the sorcerer. The most widely known an accepted is Emerald, Sapphire, and Adamant to represent Lesser, Greater, and Capstone, respectively.


All Exalts have the potential to become a Sorcerer, but they still need to be initiated into the arts by some sort of mentor. A Player should be able to point to a specific Merit their character has as a source of their training, such as an Ally, or one of their starting Facts.

When advancing to the Sapphire and Adamant Circle Spells, their mentor will require a Task to be performed. The mentor must ask the Exalt to undertake something they find difficult in order to find a deeper enlightenment and understanding of themselves before they are allowed such power over the world.

Access to the Sapphire Level has a repercussion to the character for years on end, changing how they view life and themselves. The Adamant Level Task will have a permanent change to their character.

These tasks could be any such as sacrificing a cherished item, scaling a cliff devoid of their exalted powers, or facing their greatest fear.

Raksi and the Third Circle

By all accounts, the elder Lunar Raksi should be a Third Circle Sorcerer—she has all the training and ambition to do so.

However, she has stubbornly refused to complete her Task—the moment she saw what was required, she balked at and immediately vowed to find another way. Which is, of course, impossible.

However, if there was ever one who could break that impossibility, it would be Raksi, and should she ever find such a way, it would be a terrible day for the foundations of Creation as it is known.

Sources of Sorcery

The simplest way to be taught sorcery would be to be mentored by an Exalted Sorcerer. But they are few and far between, and are often far too wrapped up in own devices to mentor others. It is fortunate that there are plenty of alternate mentors that may show up.

It is important to note that the source of Sorcery may train others in levels past what they themselves have reached. A Mortal Sorcerer steeped in the Emerald Circle may induct a Solar into the Adamant Circle.

Gods, Elementals, and Demons

As the original tutors of Sorcery, the various Spirits of the world may be willing to do so again—though they are far more reluctant to do so since the Age of Glory.

More often than not, being trained by a Spirit will leave a physical mark upon the exalt—those taught by an Ifrit Lord will find their inner fire breaking through their skin and smoke curling in their breath.

The Heptagram

Located in the northern reaches of the Realm, the Heptagram is perhaps the only location in Creation with Sorcerers employed and organized into a functioning teaching structure. Nearly all Dragonblooded Sorcerers hail from this isolated fortress.

The separation of the Outer Provinces greatly impacted the Heptagram, as nearly all knowledge of the Sapphire and Adamant Circles were seized in protest as they fled the reach of the Realm.

The Salinian Working

As the Age of Glory crumbled and the Gods sealed themselves away from mortals, the Sorcerers of old feared their art would be lost forever, and so wove tutelage of Sorcery into the very fabric of Creation.

Now, very rarely, the knowledge of Sorcery will reveal itself in an unrelenting fashion to individual chosen of forgotten and arcane criteria. The knowledge and mentorship will take many forms, from a book of infinite pages to the whispering of the winds through the trees.