All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight

Type: Simple; Scene
Cost: 1m

Making a quick incantation infused with essence and then gently pressing a finger to their forehead, the Sorcerer is able to open their inner eye to the flows of Essence surrounding them.

For the remainder of the scene, the character may make an (Intelligence

  • Occult) roll to observe and understand the traces of supernatural spiritual energies around them, ranging to the tracks of spirits, to the workings of levitating platforms, to even the subtle traces of other Exalt’s powers.

Coin of Distant Vision

Type: Permanent

When learning this Spell, the Sorcerer coalesces their flows of essence around a shard of obsidian, entwining their senses with it, regardless of its distance. Only one shard may be used at a time.

The Sorcerer may choose to peer their the obsidian shard as though it were their own senses. If the shard is in a small container, such as a pocket or pouch, they may sense beyond with a (-2) disadvantage.

Corrupted Words

Type: Simple; Year
Cost: 2m
The Sorcerer coalesces a mass of all taboo words and topics into a small egg-shaped mass in their hands, and whispers into it a new topic that shall be bound with its unspoken peers. This could be something as specific as “Secret Letters you will write to me” or as general as “The Existence of the Sidereal Exalted.”
On a successful (Intelligence + Sorcery) roll vs. Resolve a target, and while close enough to physically do so, the Sorcerer may force this ball of unspoken words down the throat of the target, binding their words on the now taboo topic.

The now bound words will become impossible for the target to communicate to another being—be it through words, written letters, or any other such method. Attempting to do so will cause a vision of a mass of writhing, repulsive maggots (or whatever else the target finds repulsive) crawling from their mouth.

The Sorcerer may affect no more than (Essence) targets with this spell at a time, and may choose to free their charges at will.

Death of Obsidian Butterflies

Type: Simple
Cost: 2a

Out of their own essence, the Sorcerer carefully crafts shimmering black glass into a form reminiscent of obsidian butterflies. Then, the glass shards launch out in a deadly stream, cutting all in a thousand razor-thin cuts.

This attack is (Wits + Occult + Essence) vs Block, and hits all foes that are in front of the Sorcerer up to two Zones away for (Int + Essence) damage. Then, the glass shards fall to the ground, become a hazardous terrain that deals (5) damage to all who walk across it.

Groups are particularly vulnerable to this spell, taking an extra (Group Scale)x2 damage.

Flight of the Brilliant Raptor

Type: Simple
Cost: 3a

Flames surround the sorcerer, whipped by their Anima in to the shape of the elemental Garda bird. As the spell completes, it unfurls its wings, shrieking to the sky as it rushes forward in a terrifying blaze towards a point up to two zones away from the Sorcerer.

Roll (Int + Occult + Essence). All characters (including the sorcerer and their allies) inside the target zone with a Block less than the roll immediately take 5+(Essence)x3 damage, and become burned, taking an additional (3) damage every turn.

Creatures attuned to fire, such as its Elementals and Fire-Aspected Dragonbloods are immune to this attack.

The Sorcerer may call out to their allies in the targeted Zone, allowing them to Dive For Cover—moving to a different Zone with an (Dexterity+Athletics) roll vs. 3. If successful, they move to the new Zone, but lose one of their next Maneuvers. As well, quick-witted enemies have a chance to hear this warning and may make the same maneuver.

Infallible Messenger

Type: Simple
Cost: 1m

Conjure a six-winged messenger spirit, which captures Sorcerer’s words as they are spoken, sealing it away before those around can hear. The spirit then dashes away to its target—taking at most a day—opening the seal on the sorcerer’s words, gifting the message to the target alone.

The spirit cannot carry any Essence in the words, only the sound, and so Sorcerers cannot use social Charms remotely. The message cannot be longer than five minutes, and the target must be in the same realm of existence as the sorcerer.

Mists of Eventide

Type: Simple; Scene
Cost: 2a

From atop the highest peaks of the elemental Pole of Air, the Sorcerer summons an opalescent fog that induces Slumber to all who breath it in—save the Sorcerer themselves. The mists expand and fill up a large building’s worth of volume, and those that breath in the mists or find it contacting exposes skin must make a (Wits + Physique) roll vs. 3 in order to stay awake, or else sleep for several hours—rolled each time the character enters a new area with the mists. Those that sleep will rouse if they are harmed or otherwise imperiled.

In combat, the Mists may expand to a maximum of two Zones. The adrenaline of combat will keep those that fail the roll awake, but they will lose 1 Action per turn while they remain in the mists.

Summon Demon

Type: Ritual; Task
Cost: 3m (5m, 7m)

Spending at least 15 minutes, out of sight of the Sun, the Sorcerer draws an elaborate summoning circle detailing out the Ancient Contract that will bring forth and bind an appropriate First Circle Demon (or group of demons) to perform a task on behalf of the Sorcerer. A specific demon may be named in the summoning, if desired.

Should the task be simple, it is done without question. However, if the task is more complicated or requires the creature to stay in servitude for an extended time (no longer than a year and a day), they will bargain for extra payment, which can be as simple as motes expended, a taste of blood, or even certain accommodations while performing the task. If a bargain is not struck, they are simply banished back to where they came from.

The Demon (or group of demons) counts as an Ally (3) when in the service of the Exalt, and the Exalt cannot have more than one active servant attending them at any one time.

This Spell may also be used to summon Elementals, spirits, or even minor Gods. This may be done while in the presence of the Sun. However, these creatures are free to dismiss the calls at their whim, and so are considered far more unreliable.

This Spell may be repurchased at the Sapphire and Adamant level to summon Second and Third Circle Demons/Spirits, which act as Ally (4) and (5), and cost (5m, 7m) respectively. Second Circle Demons may only be summoned at midnight, and Third Circle only on the night of the No Moon.

It’s not a Faustian Deal

The Demons of Creation are bound to mortal servitude due to the surrender oaths after the War in Heaven. A Summon is simply a continuation of their punishment. If they have any ill will, it is with the Gods and their binding oaths, not the mortals who summoned them.

The terms of their servitude will bind the service of the Demon to the spirit of the contract, as well as the letter. A bound demon cannot and will not turn on their Summoner.

When a demon bargains, they are simply trying to get a better deal—personal comforts, or trophies of status. They learned long ago trying to gain power or leverage over an Exalt would be a folly.

The greatest threat that exists with summoning is the alien mindset of demons, their inhuman requests. A pack of Blood Apes tasked with protecting a young heir will do so—and will do so with wild abandon, crushing even the mildest of threats with no regard to collateral damage and then offering the dripping blood of the corpse to their young charge.

There is one important caveat: the spell must be performed correctly. An Exalt misperforming the spell is unheard of but there are many stories of Mortal Sorcerers unleashing a demon beyond their abilities.

Theft of Memory

Type: Ritual
Cost: 2m

The Sorcerer draws out a pure-cut emerald, placing it onto the forehead of their target. They

Focusing on a specific, known memory, the Sorcerer makes a (Wits + Sorcery) roll vs the Target’s Resolve over the course of 10 minutes.

If successful, they place a pure-cut emerald on the forehead of their target, and siphon the memory away into the gem. The target may no longer relive the memory. Anyone with the gem may spend 1m, clasp it to their forehead and relive it.

The Sorcerer, casting this spell again, may pull the memory out of the emerald, where it will return back to its original owner.


Calling the Calibration Gate

Type: Ritual
Cost: 2m

In the time of Glory, the thirteenth gate of Yu-Shan was thrown open during Calibration to allow mortals a day of festivity in the heavenly city—where gods and man would walk among each other in revelry. Now it remains dormant and silent, used only by those elite few who know how to call it.

The Sorcerer weaves their essence into a small weave of rippling gold, placing it onto a solid surface. Then, they reach far into the surface and pull on the handle of the door. After a minute, chimes fill the air, and then after another, the Celestial gate appears, taking form in whatever solid surface it was woven into.

The gate remains open for no more than ten minutes, through which any and all may enter into. Those who enter find themselves at the impossibly grandiose steps of Yu-Shan, the heavenly city. There, the stoic and incorruptible Celestial Lions watch and guard the main gates as the pilgrims may choose any of the twelve gates back to Creation to depart through.

The twelve gates of creation are arranged in two concentric rings: four on the cardinal directions of the Blessed Isle, one of which is inside the Imperial City. The outer ring of eight gates form the cardinal and ordinal directions in the Outer Provinces, one of which is inside of the city of Nexus.

The gates are places of secrets, hidden from mortal eyes—though the gate in the Imperial city is guarded by an elite sect of Dragonblooded.

Hidden Judges of the Secret Flame

Type: Ritual
Cost: 4m

Lighting seven candles, and speaking a recitation of appeals, the Sorcerer summons council of judgment from those forgotten Gods dedicated to the order of Law.

Figures cloaked in black will appear, whose hooded figures reveal naught by a single blue flame, and whose hands are of darkened bones.

The Sorcerer may solicit their services in one of two ways: The first is to request that these Hidden Judges reign over any matters of law, instead of another.

According to the Law of Power, the Hidden Judge will force any with an (Essence) lower than the Sorcerer to recuse themselves, reflecting whatever horrors against the Law they have performed against them in a terrifying state of mental anguish should they refuse to vacate their seat. Against those with (Essence) equal to or greater, the Hidden Judge will only politely request compliance, accepting refusal if given.

These servants of Order and Law are guaranteed to be impartial and incorruptible, accepting no manner of bribes, nor appeals to emotion, nor calls for mercy—not even from the Sorcerer themselves. Only arguments of logic, such as those of jurisdiction and contradictory laws, will sway their ears.

The punishments and laws applied will all be according to the laws of the land in which the judgment takes place. The Divine Law of the Unconquered Sun will reign supreme in all of Creation.

The second manner the Sorcerer can call forth from the Hidden Judges is that of application of the law. Should someone be found guilty of a crime—under a fair trail that does not contradict the Divine Law—the Hidden Judge will pursue the criminal with endless, sleepless determination until the exact punishment has been delivered. Like the creeping specter of death, the Hidden Judges will not stop in their pursuit.

Impenetrable Veil of Night

Type: Simple; Scene
Cost: 3m

The Sorcerer takes an action form a twisting sphere of living shadows, and then hurls it into the sky where it unfurls and envelops an area the size of a city inside its horrid tendrils.

Inside this blanket of ebon darkness, no celestial body shines its light. Only the light and sounds emitted from inside can be perceived, and even that is consumed by the unnatural darkness, shining at half of its natural range and at an off-putting hue. Spoken words are muffled and altered, changed in tone and pitch and echoing in unsettling ways. Often, residents forced to endure this spell will see shadows moving of their own accord, as though something that should not and cannot be perceived is nearby.

All actions to perceive through sight and sound suffers -2 successes, even those with supernatural senses, and those mortals of weak minds will find themselves unable to do anything but hide from the inescapable darkness.

Ivory Orchid Pavilion

Type: Ritual
Cost: 3m

After tracing an area with the heel of their foot, the Sorcerer stands at the threshold of the area and politely knocking where a gate should be. Perhaps to the surprise of other, a Gate will appear and open in a slow but smooth manner as a splendid mansion rises from the ground to fill the area.

The mansion is filled with impossibly ornate furniture, soft silk curtains, and the finest of bedding available, along with a veritable feast of food and wine that never empties.

All who enter and partake of the mansion’s many offerings will find their mood softened, their mind relaxed, and their lips loosened. All gain an Intimacy of blissful contentment to the mansion and the Sorcerer, and no acts of intentional violence (save that of drunken revelry) will occur.

Before the day of revelry and peace is complete, a useful Secret from the guests will be revealed to the Sorcerer.

After a full day, the mansion folds back into the ground, softly depositing its guests outside the circles. White orchids will grow in the sanctified ground for five years afterwards.

Magma Kraken

Type: Simple; Scene
Cost: 4a

The Essence of fire erupts at three Zones the Sorcerer designates, whose floors or walls must have a connection to the Ground. In those spots, a gout of fire explodes out, and then forms into groups of five writhing tentacles each of roiling lava.

Each Group of flaming tentacles has the following values, based on the Sorcerer summoning them:
Health: 35
Accuracy: (Wits + Occult) + 2
Damage: (Intelligence) + 3
Evasion: 3
Soak: 6

If there are not three Zones on the battlefield, or if the Sorcerer so desires, they may combine groups of tentacles. A Combined group gains +5 health, +1 Damage, +1 Accuracy for each group.

On their turn, each group will attempt to coil and crush their opponent, which is a Restrain and then Strike action. They choose a random enemy in their Zone. If there is no enemy in their zone, they will destroy and set fire to any scenery around them.

The Sorcerer can use one of their actions to direct all three groups to attack specific people, or to cause one of the groups to move zones, where the tentacles retract into the hole they have formed into the ground, sealing it with cooling magma, tunneling through the ground and then reappearing in the new zone in a great explosion of fire.

Shadows of the Ancient Past

Type: Simple
Cost: 4m

The Echoes of the past seep into the very bones of reality, which the Sorcerer may coax out carefully.

Choose a specific time, such as “one hundred years ago” or “when this corpse died.” Images of the event in question will gracefully materialize for all to see. The Sorcerer may pause and accelerate the flow of time within the illusion. Reversing or reviewing a missed portion will require an (Intelligence + Occult) roll to successfully perform.

While accurate, there are limitations to the illusions. Moments of intense Essence in the past will disrupt the memory, leaving important gaps in the recollection. The memory will also have difficulty showing details of magically cloaked, shadowed, or otherwise forgotten pieces of the scene. The Memorys is particularly vulnerable to Sidereal’s Arcane Fate. Lastly, the further back in time the Sorcerer goes, the less substantial the illusions become, with gaps forming in the displayed memory. Anything past 500 years is nearly unusable.


Abjuration of the Maidens

Type: Ritual
Cost: 8m

For Five hours, the Sorcerer creates intricate words of spun Essence, reflecting each of the 25 major constellations of the sky—Five for each Maiden of Fate. As the last minutes approach, the words expand rapidly, forming a sphere around a space as large as a metropolitan city

As the woven words match their associated constellation, drifting snow-like particles descend from the heavens and the sky becomes altered: light bends at subtle new angles, and colors take on a shimmering hue as the free Essence of the world slows down and freezes for five days.

At the end of the five days, the Sorcerer may extend this spell by spending the requires number of motes without a new ritual. They must be at the origin of the sphere at the precise moment it would dissipate to do so.

Those inside of this sphere—including the Sorcerer—will find they are unable to express motes or anima—no Charms, Sorcery, nor anything else will have an effect inside this sphere. Even permanent Charms will be unable to gift their ability to their owners. Anything that crosses the barrier will be stripped of its power.

Only powerful Spirits—such as the Gods themselves, may overpower this spell, and then must make a roll with a difficulty of the Sorcerer’s (Essence) each time they attempt to take an action.

Creatures that rely on a constant flow of Essence, such as constructs, Spirits, Fae, or the undead, will not have their internal Essence drained and may operate normally for a time. However, they will not be able to replenish while inside, and would eventually starve based on their internal needs.

Curse of Unyielding Mist

Type: Ritual
Cost: 5a

Once per Story, the Sorcerer designates an area—no larger than a city—and moves to stand in the center. There, over the course of 10 minutes, they will chant the laws of reality, and slowly start to raise up into the sky, held aloft and surrounded by an ever-thickening fog.

As the Spell nears its completion, the Sorcerer snaps their eyes open, radiating in white glory, and speaks a new condition of reality that must be appeased, such as “The King must turn over power to me” or “All in this land must speak nothing but the truth for a month.” This condition is restricted in that it must be possible, and can only affect those with a lower Essence than the Sorcerer.

Once the condition is spoken, the thick fog explodes immediately outward, bathing the entire land in a dark gray mist. All within it becomes cloaked in an eldritch grayness which is not affected by day or not. All people within the fog will find their mental faculties dampened, and their mood swallowed sour—a permanent -2 on all Social or mental actions while in the borders.

If the condition is not met within a month, all plant life will start to wither, and strange and bizzare fungi will grow in its place. This fungi will spread across all buildings within another month. The fungi cannot grow or exist past the border of the spell.

If a Season passes, no animal will be able to birth new life, and the fungi will start to latch onto the clothes of people, as well as any parts of their body that receive no blood flow, such as hair and fingernails. The Fungus will not spread to the living, but will consume anything organic.

There is no known method which to destroy this curse, aside from appeasing the condition the Sorcerer set forth, or leaving the blighted land.

Death Ray

Type: Simple
Cost: 5a (+2a)

The Sorcerer pulls all the ambient destructive energy into a singular point, then with a quick twitch of their fingers, releases it into a singular, continuous stream of Essence that sears and incinerates any objects and people that stand in its path.

The beam, centered on the Sorcerer, is a line that extends out to the edge of the battlefield across any and all Zones necessary to do so, or to the edge of the Scene. Each Zone the beam crosses through is considered hazardous terrain to foes of the Sorcerer, making a successful (Dexterity + Athletics) vs (Essence) roll to avoid the beam.

On their turn, the Sorcerer must spend (2a) to maintain this spell. If so, they can change the angle and direction of the beam, specifically targeting a person or object, rolling (Intelligence + Occult) against the target’s Evasion to hit.

If the beam comes in contact with a person, they suffer (Essence)x10 damage immediately. Objects are immediately melted, unless they are made of the strongest magical materials.