Lesser Foes and Groups

Lesser Foes are those that have no chance at harming their antagonists, and instead will use their actions to Support a Greater Foe. During their action, they may instead give ½ their Attack Pool in Impulse to their Ally.

Lesser Foes may be Grouped together. For each increase in Magnitude, they gain 5 Endurance and 2 to their Attack Pool.

Mortals Have a lesser pool of Endurance:
5 + (Stamina + Athletics + Physique)

Antagonists are not Player characters

[[ Don’t build them like they are.

Dragonblooded tend to be Essence 1-2.

Essence Rating prerequisites aren’t hard-enforced for antagonists. The essence rating represents how hard it is to train, how long they have to dedicate your life to it. A typical DB isn’t going to get an Essence 4 MA technique while stuck at Essence 1, but a monk who has been training at it their entire life might, while still technically at Essence 3]]

Estimating Defenses

When choosing or modifying enemies, you need to pay close attention to the Defenses to make sure the combat is fun and interesting—too high of DV will result in an unfun combat, because the Players will never be able to hit their target.

Adjusting Endurance, rather than DV, is often the more reliable way to show that an enemy is either tougher or weaker than their fellows.

It helps to judge what each DV number represents, and to keep in mind that DV is an average of (Att + Abi), so an additional point in DV is quite a large deal!

DV Scale
1 The target has the barest, weakest defenses that could exist. Missing would be an embarrassment to an Exalt.
2 Typical Mortal defenses.
3 The median DV, what will often be a noticeable, but not insurmountable challenge. Most enemies should hover around DV 3.

Note: Any Enemy with DV 4 or higher should have their Soak and Evasion tracked separately—they will often be wearing armor to boost their DV.

Only extremely powerful enemies (such as Exalts) can have both Soak and Evasion simultaneous higher than 3.

4 A Strong, noticeable defense. Will often come paired with a weaker defense. (e.g. Soak 4, Evasion 2).
5 As high as heavily-armored Mundane target can reach. This is a significant challenge and should not be thrown at players lightly.
Note: Even defense-focused Exalts cannot reach above 5 without assistance, and typically a trade-off. For example, Soak armor at the expense of Evasion.
6 Only strong Gods, their Chosen, and other beings of great power will be able to attain this level of DV.
7+ Typically, a DV of 7 or above means that the character is untouchable in this defense—though Exalts have been known to defy the odds.

Quick Powers

Antagonists and Maneuver Stunt Effects

Important Non-Player Characters may attempt Stunt Effects, though the Storyteller should be judicious about their use.

<<TODO: clean up the following draft>>

As a Storyteller, you job in combat is to make an interesting and dynamic fight—even if the fight doesn’t have pre-generated characters.

The variety of mortals, monsters, and Gods you can throw at your Players is endless, and their sources of the following Powers can be flavored however you wish.

Typically, what you want to do is have a leadup for a Power—some action that signals that the character will use it. Only the most powerful of foes will offhand be able to use these powers, and not at the Greater Level.

Quick Powers      
  Normal Greater Description
Increase Accuracy +2 Dice +4 Dice On a decisive attack, add dice to the Accuracy of the attack.
Raise Defenses Partial (+2DV) Full Create defenses out of nothing, typically with a weak point. For example, an Ice Golem summons a sphere of Ice surrounding them.



Endurance 15
DV 4
Evasion 4
Soak 3
Attack Pool 8
Base Damage 4

Sensing: 6
Stealth: 8

Fogsharks are creatures that live between the Spirit and Waking world, and may only be found where the veil between the worlds is thin, particularly in respect to the element of Water.

They swarm in the skies, dragging their fog and mists with them–a fogshark attack can not occur in any bright-lit or otherwise illuminated area.


Fogsharks are ambush predators, almost always moving in small groups or packs. Typically there will be a Prime shark to act as a Major Foe, swarmed with a pack of Lesser Foes.

The sharks will ambush characters in seeming moments of physical weakness, particularly any who is bleeding. They will perform a grapple maneuver, and then single-minded attack their target until forced off.

If forced off their target, or by missing their grapple, they will attempt to retreat to the mists to await their next attack.

Being mindless beasts, they cannot be reasoned with.


**Blood in the Water
**The Fogshark gains +3 on any roll to percieve or track characters that are bleeding.

**The Fog
**The Fog is a supernatural impairment to all senses, providing Full Cover to those that cannot perceive through it. Characters must have supernatural senses to attempt to pierce the fog, rolling against a Difficulty 4 to counter only Partial Cover.

Fogsharks may sense through the fog without penalty.

Dissolve into the Fog
As a Gathering Action, the Fogshark may return to the supernatural mist. They may only do so once every three actions, and cannot reemerge from the Fogs for at least one action after entering them.


Blood Ape

Endurance 20

Initiative 3
DV 5
Evasion 3
Soak 5
Attack Pool 8
Base Damage 4

Sensing: 3
Stealth: 1
Guile: 0
Resolve: 3