Attributes are a character’s raw, innate skills. They represent the capacity and limitations of the body, mind, and soul. Attributes may be trained and expanded on, but often take quite a bit of time and effort to do so.

Each Attribute is categorized as either Force, Finesse, or Resilience. These characterizations represent how the Attribute is typically used in the style of play.

All Attributes start at Rating One, and may reach up to Rating Five. There is nothing, save death, that can decrease a character’s Attribute below One.


Strength (Str)


Strength represents both the raw muscular strength a character contains, as well as the intuition and practice to use it effectively. It is used to calculate Base Damage, the Attack Roll of Heavy Weapons, as well as feats of strength such as lifting, breaking, and climbing.

Dexterity (Dex)


Dexterity is the fine control, reflexes, and agility a character has over their own body. It is used to calculate the Attack Roll of Light Weapons, as well as Evasion, and can help with various tasks such as balance, dancing, and lock-picking.

Stamina (Sta)


Stamina is how characters sustain physical activity over a period of time. Everything from running a marathon to holding still against forces. It is used to calculate Endurance value.


Charisma (Cha)


Charisma is a measure of how a character can outwardly express themselves to others through active communication. It is used for actions such as Influence Intimacy and Perform Task.

Insight (Ins)


Insight is a measure of how a character can understand others by observing their actions, words, and expressions. A character with high Insight would be able to correctly guess and understand an other’s motivation to predict their next actions. It is used for actions such as Read Intentions and Discover Intimacy.

Composure (Cmp)


Composure is a measure of how a character communicates through passive communication. This controls how a person uses their body language, and how they can hide their true intentions through masks of reaction or non-reaction. It is used to calculate Guile.


Intelligence (Int)


Intelligence is a measure of how a character can think logically, organize thoughts, absorb information, and connect together disparate pieces of information.



Wits is a measure of intuition, common sense, and fast-thinking.

Willpower (Will)


Willpower is the mental fortitude of a character, their ability to endure hard times, and power through and complete their own ideas and thoughts. It is used to calculate Resolve.