Character Creation

Aspects of the character are measured in Dot Ratings, the higher number representing greater proficiency.

Experience Costs



Attribute Rating



Ability Rating






Greater Power
(Requires Essence 3)



Merit Cost

Merit Resources Keystones
















A Power is a general term that refers to Charms, Martial Arts Form and Techniques, Sorcerous Spells, and Evocations.


  1. Choose your Exaltation and a Caste/Aspect, noting down any special abilities granted. Your Exaltation will influence everything about your character, ranging from what Charms can be chosen, Strife Expression, and Great Curse.

  2. Choose your character’s Great Curse, the character flaw which your Exalt struggles with day in and day out. Often, your character’s flaw will flare up, causing them to Botch their rolls, fail their actions, or otherwise veer them off of their intended course.

    The Great Curse is often influenced by their Exaltation—Solars tend to have a flaw of Ego, Lunars by their loss of identity, and Sidereals by their complicated relationship with Fate, for example.

  3. Choose Three Intimacies, which represent your devotions or relations to ideas, people, or history.

  4. Set all Attributes to 1, then distribute 17 additional dots to Attributes. No single Attribute may be higher than 5.

    Suggested Method:
    Assign each category (Pysical, Social, Mental) to be your character’s Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary set. Then add:

    1. 9 Dots to Primary.

    2. 5 Dots to Secondary.

    3. 3 Dots to Tertiary.

  5. Abilities

    • Mark 5 Abilities as Favored, gaining 1 free dot each.

    • Mark the (+1) Favored Ability granted from the Exaltation/Caste, gaining its 1 free dot as well.

    • Use 9 dots to increase Favored Abilities, with no single Ability being higher than 5.

    • 6 dots in non-Favored Abilities, with no single Ability raised higher than 3 during this phase.

    • Choose 3 Specialties, each in a separate Favored Ability.

  6. Choose a Martial Arts Style of a Favored ability, which represents your character’s stance and approach to combat. If no specific Martial Arts is desired, take the Weapons Master Perk.

  7. Gain 15 Resources, which may immediately be spent on Merits.

    With special Storyteller permission, the character may start with a high-ranked merit that is central to their character, such as an Artifact. The character will start in Resource debt, and the Keystone(s) will take the form of an unresolved plot hook that revolves around that Merit. See Projects for more details.

  8. Gain 3 Powers, each in an Ability that is Favored. Greater Powers cannot be purchased until Essence 3.


Before spending xp, double check that your character has the following minimums:

26 Attribute Points, (including free lvl. 1 dots)

14 Favored Ability Points

(+1 from Exaltation/Caste)

6 Non-Favored Ability Points

3 Lesser Powers (Favored)

1 Martial Arts Form

15 Project Resources

3 Specialties

  1. Spend 21 xp as desired.

  2. Specify any relevant Equipment the character carries, such as Armor and Weapons.

    Unlike other systems, Exalted does not require an extensive list of what equipment or tools the Exalt has on their person—so long as it is reasonable for them to have an item, they are considered to be carrying it.

Always round up to the nearest whole number.
  1. General Static Values
    Record the following calculated static values

    • Personal Motes
      (Essence) + 10

    • Peripheral Motes
      (Essence)x2 + 15

    • Guile
      (Composure + Subterfuge)/2

    • Resolve
      (Will + Integrity)/2

  2. Combat Static Values
    Assign the static values used (most commonly) during a Combat Scene.

    • Endurance
      (Essence)x3 + (Stamina)x2 + Athletics + Physique + 5

    • Defense Value (DV)
      Greater of Evasion or Soak

    • Evasion
      (Dexterity + Athletics)/2 + (Evasion Mod)

    • Soak
      (Stamina + Physique)/2 + (Soak Mod)

    • Accuracy
      (Weapon Att. + Weapon Ability)/2 + (Weapon Mod)

      The Attribute and Ability used depends on the current weapon. This is described in more detail in Weapons.

      Note: Remember that Unarmed grants +1 Accuracy.

    • Base Damage
      (Weapon Mod) + Essence

    • Initiative
      (Wits + Awareness)/2

XP Generation

If you prefer pure xp generation, character creation is worth 175xp with the following minimums:

  • Attributes: 102 xp

  • Favored Abilities: 18xp

  • Non-Favored Abilities: 18xp

  • Lesser Powers: 12xp

  • Martial Arts Form: 4xp

  • 15 Project Resources

  • 3 Specialties

Purchase Protection

Some Powers, Abilities, or other aspects of the character end up not being used in a campaign. To some extent, this is normal in any RPG, but the wide-spanning nature of Exalted can exaggerate this.

Storytellers should allow Players to redistribute their xp, returning any unused ascpects of their charcters.


Essence increases automatically depending on how much total xp has been gained.

  • Essence 2: 25 xp

  • Essence 3: 50 xp

  • Essence 4: 100 xp

  • Essence 5: 200 xp

Remember that each Essence Rank provides:

  • +3 Endurance

  • +1 Base Damage

Player Characters in the same group should be kept at the same amount of experience points, so that no single character gets significantly ahead or behind others.

For each session, each player should be given Three XP and Two RES, in addition to any Extra XP or RES they may have earned.

Extra XP

The Storyteller may grant extra xp (+2 each) for roleplay. All player characters receive this bonus—while one character may initiate it, it is a shared and cooperative experience to bring that about.

  • Reaching a milestone in a player character’s personal story.

  • Suffering a defeat, or otherwise being impeded in their journeys.

  • A character falling to their Great Curse, which changes the course of the story in a non-insignificant manner.

Gaining Resources

Resources should be sought out and rewarded, based on the Player’s actions in the story—it represents riches to favors to manpower gathered.

Each individual Keystone must be intentionally sought out by the player, and requires anywhere from a Scene to a full Story to acquire.

Each source of Resource should be added together when combined. For example, by having access to the wealth and income of an entire City (20) for a Month (10) would result in 30 RES.

















20 City City Income Season



Trading Network