Exalted is a game where the heroes are demigods, fonts of power. That which mortals toil and test against fall easily against the might of the Exalts, and the Exalts now test their mettle against the monsters and problems of the world: from the chaotic Fae beasts which rip at the edges of the world, to the horrid effects of greed and systemic corruption that hides in the hearts of man.

More often than not, they will succeed in what they have set their mind to-yet they must explore the consequences and repercussions of such actions.

To play Exalted, there are a few core setting themes that should be followed:

Actions are Momentous

The Player Character is the right person at the right time to change the world—for better or for worse. This blessing and burden cannot be given to another, and the Gods are restrained in their actions for reasons ranging from arcane laws, to being involved in their own machinations, to being too weak to do anything.

From the small, personal stories to world-shattering changes, the Exalt stands at the center of it.

What is Done Cannot be Undone

Exaltations cannot be rescinded, the dead cannot return to life except in a hollow mockery of what they once were, and the progress of time is constantly moving forward. Exalts must face the consequences of all their actions.

The Heroes are Flawed

Despite all of their powers and might, Exalts are still human and carry with them their flaws—and this does not make them any less of a hero.


Exalted Reincarnated uses multiple ten-sided dice (d10s). It is suggested to have fifteen dice (real or virtual). The dice will represent digits between 1 and 10. (Some dice will have a 0, treat that as a 10).


Exalted, by Onyx Path Publishing, is a role-playing game blending together high-action combat, social intrigue, and epic-scale actions from demigod heroes.

The setting is full of rich lore, intricacies, and horrors that inspire and captivate the mind, begging to be explored by a hero of grand scale.

However, the complexity and sheer size of the rules structure makes playing the game a daunting task, even for experienced role-players.

Exalted Reincarnated is a fan-made work to rebuild and recreate Exalted from the ground up to better match its rich Lore, Setting, and Style.

This is Fan-Made material. It is unofficial, and makes no claims of ownership over Onyx Path Publishing materials.

You will need the official Exalted books for lore, setting and reference material. Exalted Reincarnated makes assumptions based off of Third Edition, but can be played with any of the editions.


This project is constantly evolving and changing. If you find problems or want to simply share suggestions, please do so!

Have fun!


Creation trembles, poised at the turn of a new age. She strains as the systems and rules which long held her together collapse around her. Her population have become thrown into chaos, a time uncertain.

The mighty Realm, whose reach expanded even out of the Blessed Isle, has lost her Empress with no heir declared. Now, each Dragonblooded Clan vies to claim the throne for their own, whether it be by politics or by force—ignoring all else that goes on around them.

The Silver Pact, that loose association only tied together by their hatred and resistance to the Realm, find their alliances crumbling. Their stances mutate and shift just as their Lunar leaders do. Deep rivalries and opposing systems clash as they turn their attention from the faltering and collapsing Realm onto each other.

The Great City of Thorns has fallen, another wellspring of Death and her servants bubbling up from the ever-present threat of the Underworld.

The silent and secretive Sidereals, those Seers from their hidden places, watch, attempting to hold together what strands of Fate and Reality they might, bickering on what Is and what Shall Be.

All the while, the minor powers seek to claim their own lands and hold in this uncertain time.

In this time, the Sun has brought his Chosen back, those great heroes, those terrible Mad Emperors.


The Time of Glory

In the First Age of Mankind, the Exalted—those mortals gifted with a portion of the god’s powers—reigned from above. And at their forefront were the brightest among them, the Chosen of the Sun—the Solars.

The First Age was a marvel. Few, if none, had want for bread, nor suffered from diseases, nor lacked purpose. The lands of Creation advanced in grand workings—vast interconnected empires spread across the land, with networks of great trade. Rivalries of course existed, and the occasional skirmish was fought, but mostly it was a time of peace, where the greatest thread to Creation came from the vast chaos of the Wyld—disturbed by the constant expansion of Creation.

The Time of Madness

But in the heart of this First Age lived something dark, something that festered and grew just as the borders of Creation grew. Inside of mankind’s lies a corruptive force, a so-called Great Curse that is a part of us all, but shows itself most to those who have great power. And the Exalted had so much power.

Alongside great civic works grew monuments of great ego, held together soley by force of will. Hard, necessary labor soon became the sentence of criminals and undesirables—a definition that grew to encompass more and more peoples over time. What were once rivalries between empires soon descended into endless, bloody wars that threatened the very fabric of Creation itself.

And, at the forefront of this madness were the Solars—just as they were during peace. In a shining moment of ultimate pride, one of them attempted to Usurp their Patron: the Unconquered Sun. The heavens quaked and nearly shattered at the battle, but eventually the Sun kept true to his name and defeated his Chosen, but not without great, debilitating wounds that led to his collapse. Nights—once a conscious gift—became a necessity for so that he might recover: and nights have gotten steadily longer as the years have passed on.

The Heavens raged at this affront and sealed themselves off from Creation. This was enough to shock the Exalted, and though it was bloody, they managed to survive though the lands of Creation were permanently scarred and changed.

The Time of Sorrow

The Dragonblooded, the most numerous and most mortal of the Exalted, were those that were left to pick up the pieces in the rubble of the First Age. Slowly, over millennia, they rebuilt. While it was a shadow of what it once was, it became a peace of sorts. They managed to stabilize the world, beat back a thousand dooms and angry Gods that threatened the mortals of the broken, shrunken lands of Creation.

But over time, the natural distrust of the other Exalts and their actions turned to fear, eventually turning their gaze inward into a sort of pride. Left to pick up the pieces, to salvage the mess of others, they soon started to feel it was their divine duty, and in a way a judgment that their worth was better than all others.

This Pride soon became doctrine, and one mandated by their new Scarlet Empress. All other Exalts, should they not swear fealty to the Dragonblooded, would be seen as dangers to be removed.

This pride only grew when the Outer Provinces rebelled and separated at this mandate. It only grew as their Empress was slain—now a martyr to the cause. A Holy Symbol of their greatness shattered and broken by the morally corrupt “Other.”

The Time of Tumult

Today, the lands of the central Realm is in a constant state of a civil war—though none dare to call it a war. Each Dragonblooded house vies for the throne, each declaring an (often dubious) tie to the great Scarlet Empress as proof. Among them is Mnemon, a proven descendant of the Empress, but she has Exalted as a Solar and all have banded against her to stop her.

A great Lunar General rebelled against the House Tepet, splitting their Northern lands in twain. He has renamed himself the Bull of the North, and has become a constant threat from the outside.

Among all this chaos, in the central realm and the scattered city-states of the rebellious Outer Provinces, wander the Wyld Hunt. What was once a unified, independent gathering of Exalts tasked with dealing with demons, Fae, angry Gods, and other threats to Creation, has become fractured. Some chapters of the Wyld hunt stick true to their goals—recruiting new Exalts to serve Creation itself. Others have become little more than political extensions, threatening any who do not agree with their ideology.