Martial Arts

Martial Arts Styles are widely found across creation, with mortal, God-blooded, Spirit, Demon, and Exalted practitioners alike. For mortal practitioners, the motions of the Techniques are taught as a manner of self discipline and motion, as they are often unable to press the Motes required to activate its true effects.

Only one Martial Arts Style may be active at a time, and only Techniques from that Style may be used during the same action. (i.e. Combos cannot contain Techniques from multiple Styles..) Characters may switch their Style and their Weapons at the start of their action as a free movement.

Techniques, unlike other Powers, must be bought in the order they are presented in.

Form Weapons and Armor

As well, Martial Arts are restricted by what sorts of weapons and armor the Stylist uses—after all, it would be all but impossible to take the light, dancing maneuvers of Snake Style in Heavy Plate!

When using multiple styles, Stylist may start to use an array of weapons. The Switch Style Secondary Action allows for this quick changeover, so long as both weapons are within easy reach of the character.

Alternatively, the Stylist may begin creating new types of weapons. If they have two styles, one that calls for Thrown (disks), and the other Melee (swords), they may decide that a bladed chakram is exactly what they need.


[[Need to give a listing of example weapons types. These will be used for Attack Ability Specialties…


  • Swords (All bladed-type weapons)

  • Clubs (All Blunt-type weapons)

  • Staff

  • Note how “Spears” is a Staff with a blade, that can also be thrown like a Javelin.

  • Throwing Disks (Chakram, shields)]]

Weapons Master

Some Exalts may choose to forgo a Martial Arts Style altogether, instead turning their attention to perfecting their natural fighting style.

They may choose one of the following:

  • +1 Evasion

  • +1 Soak

  • +1 Accuracy

  • +1 Base Damage

The “Weapon Master” perk can only be purchased if the Exalt has not bought a specific Martial Art—it is in effect a proto-Martial Arts. Xp is refunded if a Martial Arts style is purchased.

Snake Style

Abilities Brawl, Dodge
Weapons Unarmed, Needles
Armor Unarmored, Light
Range Melee

Snake stylists use quick, precise strikes, disrupting Chakras and the flow of their targets motions. As well, they prey on those that are slower than them. Masters can even deliver paralyzing poisonous Essence through their fingertips, or through specialized hollow hand needles.

The Stylist gains +1 Evasion. Anytime they Strike a character who has not acted yet this round, they also gain +1 Accuracy.

Hand Needles

Hand Needles are specialized equipment made specifically for practitioners of this Style. They are finger-length hollow needles, typically made of strengthened glass, wood, or obsidian, that allow for quick piercing strikes. Trainees often use harmless chopsticks as their practice weapons.

Armor-Penetrating Fang

Cost: 2m, 1i
Type: Supplemental
Mins: Brawl 2

The Stylist knows how to precisely strike to deliver their devastating results, whether it be between joints in armor or in targeted weak spots.. Their attack targets Evasion.

Crippling Pressure-Point Strike

Cost: 3m, 1i
Type: Supplemental
Mins: Brawl 3

On a successful Decisive Strike, the Stylist rapidly jabs at their Target’s nerve clusters and pressure points, numbing and deadening portions of their target’s body.

Do not add Base Damage to the Damage Roll. Instead, paralyze one limb of the target, blind one of the senses, or deliver a Physical Wound.

Rhythm-Interrupting Venom

Cost: 3m
Type: Supplemental
Mins: Brawl 3

On Hit, the Stylist disrupts the momentum and motions of their target, instantly reducing the target’s Initiative by 2.

########## Greater Techniques

Countless Coils Evasion

Cost: (2m and 1i per 1 damage); Mins: Brawl 4
Type: Reflexive
Duration: Instant

On being hit by a Decisive Strike, the Stylist may react with startling speed, deflecting and shunting part of the damage. For every 2 Motes and 1 Initiative spent, the Stylist may reduce the amount of incoming damage by 1. They may reduce up to (Essence)x2 damage this way from one attack.

Should the Stylist reduce the incoming damage to 0, the attack is considered to not have hit in the first place.

Essence Venom Strike

Cost: 6m, 3i; Mins: Brawl 5
Type: Simple
Duration: Instant

The Stylist strikes out, making an immediate Contested Roll of their (Dexterity + Brawl) against the target’s Evasion. Should the Stylist succeed, the target becomes poisoned with vile Essence.

For the Stylist’s (Essence) rounds, the Target suffers 2 Damage, and is considered to be at a -2 DV penalty when attacked by the Stylist.

As well, for the remainder of the scene, the target is always considered to have “not acted this round” for the purposes of Snake Style bonuses.

Tiger Style

Abilities Brawl, Athletics
Weapons Unarmed, Light, Medium
Armor Unarmored, Light

Tiger Stylists focus on a low-centered, wide stances, which provides both incredible balance and flexibility in their motions. Their actions are fluid and active, using their entire body in their motion full of rolls, kicks, and extensive footwork. It is not uncommon for Tiger Stylists to use the environment to their advantage, leaping off of walls and rafters in a ravaging pounce.

While in Tiger Style form, the Stylist is immune to any disadvantage from unsteady ground or being prone to attack: they may use their entire body in their strikes. As well, their attacks are vicious and carry with them the momentum, providing +1 to Base Damage.

Retreating Momentum

Cost: 2m
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Brawl 2, Athletics 1

On an incoming attack, the Stylist whirls around to defend themselves, enhancing their defenses with their motion. They increase both their DV by 3, but must surrender their current position by immediately taking a Move Action away from the attacker. This consumes their next Secondary Action.

Crimson Leaping Cat

Cost: 4m, 1i
Type: Simple
Mins: Brawl 2, Athletics 1

The Stylists leaps onto their target, stunning them and halting their target’s movement.

Make a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll against the target’s Evasion, if successful, the target cannot move from their position for (Essence) Rounds.

Prey-Maiming Frenzy

Cost: 4m, 1i
Type: Supplementary
Mins: Brawl 3, Athletics 2

Against a stunned, paralyzed, or otherwise forcefully stationary target, the Stylist may make frenzied, brutal strikes, increasing their Base Damage by +2.

########## Greater Techniques

Bone-Shattering Bite

Cost: 8m, 2i
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Brawl 4, Athletics 3

After delivering a successful Decisive attack that deals at least 3 points of damage after all calculations have finished, the Stylists may inflict a Wound on the Physical Attributes, or disable one of the target’s limbs. Healing this damage after a combat is often a long and arduous process, often requires bones to be set.

Angry Predator Frenzy

Type: Permanent
Mins: Brawl 5, Athletics 4

The apex Predator stalks the jungle. While in Tiger Style Form, the Stylist permanently adds an additional (Strength)/2 to their Base Damage.

As well, whenever the Stylist attacks a stunned, paralyzed, or otherwise forcefully stationary target, they may add an additional +2 damage.

Gale of the Siroccan Wastes

Abilities Performance, Melee or Thrown
Weapons Melee (Swords) or Thrown (Chakram)
Armor Unarmored

Practitioners of the style gain +1 Evasion. As a Free Action, they may transfer their own Impulse to an ally.

Their movements across the battlefield are ones of grace and beauty, quickly followed by great and terrible blows.

Long ago in the Great Siroccan Wastes, voices of slaves cried out into the winds of the sands in anguish.

Instead of carrying the voices afar as they had done so many times before, the Inescapable Winds themselves listened to the anguish of the mortals and became enraged, rushing down from the dunes in a glorious storm.

In this moment, the truths of the southern winds were imparted to these mortals, and the slaves learned to harness the deadly winds to their advantage.

The style formed around it, hidden in a beautiful and entrancing dance, the grace and poise belying the strength and danger behind every move. With it, the Slaves struck down their cruel master, and its practitioners have vowed to come to all who are so oppressed, inescapable in its message.

Performer’s Grace

Cost: 1m
Type: Reflexive
Mins: Performance 1

The Practitioner gains (Performance)/2 dice on Athletics checks during a combat scene, and may always do so to counter environmental hazards such as unsteady terrain.

Distracting Performance

Cost: 2m; 1i
Type: Supplemental
Mins: Performance 2

The Practitioner’s movements commands the attention of others, slowing and confusing their movements while at the same time positioning themselves to their death.

On a Performance Maneuver, all enemies with a Resolve less than the number of successes and who can see the Dancer, lose 3 Impulse. The Practitioner then gains that Impulse, up to a maximum of (Performance) per Round.

Dancer’s Reach

Cost: 3m, 2i
Type: Supplemental
Mins: Performance 3, Melee 2 or Thrown 2

The movements of the Dancer are unpredictable on the battlefield, allowing the practitioner to move in and out of standard movements before their opponent can catch up.

Attacks made with Melee may be done at Short Range, while attacks made with Thrown may be done at Close at no penalty.

########## Greater Technique

Blade Dance

Cost: 8m
Type: Simple; Scene
Mins: Melee 1

You control the area surrounding you, a dangerous dance of death that lasts through the scene.

Starting with this action, anytime an enemy passes through Short Range they lose 2 Impulse, which you gain.


Octarine Angles of Impossibility

Based on Omicron’s 2e version

Abilities Lore, Sorcery
Weapons Unarmed
Armor None

The Octarine Angles of Impossibility style delves into the concepts of nothing, that which cannot exist in reality.

The Stylist is able to space and compress it in a sheering manner around enemies, which is considered a Ranged Light Weapon (+2 Acc, +0 Dmg). This uses an Int + Lore Attack.

The Stylist’s anima becomes fractured and twisted, as if seen through broken glass.

Angular Time Displacement

Cost: 2m
Type: Supplemental (Move)
Mins: Lore 2, Sorcery 1

The Stylist folds Space and Time of their destination and their current position into a singular point, allowing them to cross the distance in a simple step.

When taking a Move Action, the stylist does not cross any intervening places. This may be used to pass through walls, cross vertically, and across chasms.

Book of No Words

Cost: 2m
Type: Simple
Mins: Lore 3, Sorcery 2

The Stylist speaks the language of Nothing, articulating its emptiness with perfect articulation, yet devoid of any meaning.

The Stylist takes a Distract Action of (Wits + Lore) vs Resolve of all enemy characters that can hear the Stylist within Short Range.

Door to Nowhere

Cost: 4m, 2i
Type: Simple
Mins: Lore 4, Sorcery 3

The Door to Nowhere may be opened, forcing those it touches into a state of non-existence—though this cannot last as nothing, having no properties, cannot contain something.

The Stylist makes a (Wits + Sorcery) roll against the target’s Evasion. (The target may choose to not Evade.) If successful, the target ceases to exist for the next (Essence) actions, where they will reappear in a location up to one Range Band away from where they disappeared.

Characters that cease to exist cannot take any actions, but are also fully protected as well.

The Target gains a resistance to this effect, gaining +2 Evasion against the attack to avoid it for the remainder of the scene.

########## Greater Techniques

Gaze of the Blind God

Cost: 6m
Type: Reflexive; Scene
Mins: Lore 4, Sorcery 4

The Stylist strikes at the very essence of their target, filling their vision and senses with overwhelming terror.

On a successful ranged (Wits + Sorcery) vs. Resolve roll, the target will only see a terrifying visage when gazing on the Stylist—regardless of anima banner.

In addition, the Stylist gains Partial Defense (+2) on any attack from the target.

Lost City Labyrinth

Cost: 10m
Type: Simple; Scene
Mins: Lore 5, Sorcery 4

The Anima Banner of the Stylist flares, arcing upwards and then envelops a sphere of up to (Essence x20) yards in radius. The space in the sphere starts becomes more and more twisted and broken each round as the lost city that never was erupts into reality.

Those trying to exit this sphere must make a (Dexterity + Athletics) check vs the Stylist’s anima, or else be returned on the opposite side of the sphere.

Space and distance becomes a broken thing in this sphere, marginally under the Stylist’s control. Once per Round, the Stylist may Reflexively warp the space around those moving or performing a ranged attack, forcing the target to make a (Dexterity + Athletics) check vs. the Stylist’s Essence level, or else find their action wasted.