Tiered Spells of Sorcery

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Summon Demon

Summon Demon need only be purchased once as a spell, but may be used to summon greater demons as the Sorcerer becomes initiated into higher circles.

First Circle Summoning

Cost: 8sm; Ritual
Mins: Sorcery 1

Summoning of the First Circle demons must be done with a demon’s name class (such as “Blood Ape Pack”), and is a ritual lasting 1 hour, ending at the moment of sundown.

A demon of the First Circle is summoned and bound to a particular task. The Sorcerer must make a deal with the bound demon for this task, suffering the equivalent of a Minor Complication as a way to bargain with the Demon, otherwise it will return back to whence it came.

In return, the Sorcerer tasks the Demon with a change worth 2 RES or less, which they will do for at most one Month. Anything from “digging a tunnel” to “Entertain guests.” However, summoning does not inherently grant the demon the ability to do such things.

The Sorcerer cannot have more than (Essence)x2 active Summoned Demons (or groups of demons) at a time.

Demons, once their agreement has been made, will follow both the spirit and the letter of their binding. Additionally, they are bound to not harm their Summoner. In other words, demons can be assumed to be loyal to their summoner and are generally not interested in trying to creatively break out of the bindings.

However, Demons should always be considered to be alien in mind, not understanding much of how mortals and their summoner think. A Blood Ape will not think twice about instantly choosing to murder someone instead of politely shooing them away, were the Sorcerer to ask them to “prevent people from disturbing me”.

Second Circle Summoning

Cost: 12sm; Ritual
Mins: Sorcery 3

Once inducted into the Second Circle of Sorcery, the Sorcerer may summon Second Circle Demons. This may only be done on the night of the New Moon.

Second Circle Demons may make changes up to 5 RES upon the world.

Second Circle Demons must be bargained with a task that will cause the summoner to take a Moderate Complication. If failed or refused, the Second Circle Demon often return peacefully from whence they came, but the more belligerent may try to break their summoning bonds and even attack the Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer may have only (Essence) Second Circle Demons (or pack of demons) summoned at a time.

Third Circle Summoning

Cost: 15sm; Ritual
Mins: Sorcery 5

Once inducted into the Third Circle of Sorcery, the greatest demons may be summoned, though this may be done only on the first night of Calibration, which comes once a year.

Third Circle Demons may make vast and wide-ranging changes to the world, up to 15 RES in scale.

Bargaining with a Third Circle Demon requires a Major Complication. To fail or refuse is to let the demon free for the remaining four nights of Calibration, a disaster in the making.

Only 1 Third Circle Demon can be summoned at a time.

First Circle of Sorcery

Coin of Distant Vision

Cost: 5sm
Mins: Sorcery 1

When learning this Spell, the Sorcerer coalesces their flows of essence around a shard of obsidian, entwining their senses with it, regardless of its distance.

The Sorcerer may choose to peer their the obsidian shard as though it were their own senses. If the shard is in a small container, such as a pocket or pouch, they may sense beyond with a (-2) disadvantage.

The Sorcerer may remotely disentangle their sense from the obsidian shard as a Secondary Action. This will require them to craft a new connection to a new shard, which typically takes an evening to do. Only one shard may be used at a time.

Corrupted Words

Cost: 5sm; Mins: Sorcery 2
Duration: One Year
The Sorcerer coalesces a mass of all taboo words and topics into a small egg-shaped mass in their hands, and whispers into it a new topic that shall be bound with its unspoken peers. This could be something as specific as “Secret Letters you will write to me” or as general as “The Existence of the Sidereal Exalted.”
On a successful (Intelligence + Sorcery) roll vs. Resolve a target, and while close enough to physically do so, the Sorcerer may force this ball of unspoken words down the throat of the target, binding their words on the now taboo topic.

The now bound words will become impossible for the target to communicate to another being–be it through words, written letters, or any other such method. Attempting to do so will cause a vision of a mass of writhing, repulsive maggots (or whatever else the target finds repulsive) crawling from their mouth.

The Sorcerer may affect no more than (Essence) targets with this spell at a time, and may choose to discontinue their charges at will.

Theft of Memory

Cost: 5sm; Mins: Sorcery 2
Duration: Indefinite

Focusing on a specific, known memory, the Sorcerer makes a (Wits + Sorcery) roll vs the Target’s Guile.

If successful, they place a pure-cut emerald (Resources 2) on the forehead of their target, and siphon the memory away into the gem. The target may no longer relive the memory. Anyone with the gem may spend 1m, clasp it to their forehead and relive it.

The Sorcerer, casting this spell again, may pull the memory out of the emerald, where it will return back to its original owner.