To be a Solar is to be a creature who knows no half-measures. They are natural-born leaders, scholars, generals, and the architects of society. Yet they are also its cruel tyrants, forcing others to follow in their grand plan—regardless of their desires.

They are paragons of mankind, representing Humanity at its most extremes. Whatever a Solar sets their mind to, it will be done.

Heroes of Mankind

The Solars have always been at the forefront of Creation’s history. They are the ones that gathered the other Exalts together, forming the wonders of the First Age, the shining beacon of hope of all mankind.

However, they were also those that tore it down, whose greed and self-righteousness spurred them to assault the gates of heaven and strike at their patron, the Unconquered Son—the greatest of all Gods.

After the fall of mankind, the numbers of their host greatly dwindled—they were both hunted by the other hosts out of fear and retribution, regardless of their involvement in the Great War, and their wounded patron chose very few to replace their numbers.

Their absence only heightened their ignoble legend—soon only those that stormed the gates of heavenly Yu-Shan were remembered, not those that fought against their brethren to prevent such an act. What few were chosen in this time were regarded with fear and anger—warily regarded, if not outright attacked on sight by those who blame them for the fall of the First Age.

And yet, the Unconquered Sun, the one assaulted and most harmed by this rebellion still Exalts new Solars; giving of his own self to his Chosen. Were the others not so afraid, might have the Great Contagion not have been prevented? The constant erosion of the land in the Wyld halted and turned back? These are questions that might just be answered, as the Sun has started Exalting his chosen in unprecedented number.

How is the Unconquered Sun doing?

The Unconquered Sun was greatly wounded in the First Age—the attempt on his life leaving behind great scars. Beyond that fact, and the fact that Exalting his Chosen comes at a cost to him—there is little given of the Sun’s condition to mere Mortals.

It could simply be that he has taken this long of time to heal, and only now has he recuperated enough to bring his Chosen back en masse. It could be that this is his last gasp—a blaze of glory as he fades into the great unknown. More than likely it falls in between the two.

Ultimately, though, this is a story of the Exalted, not the Unconquered Sun, so use what best fits your campaign.


The Unconquered Sun grants his blessing to those who have an incredible drive, a force of personality that would change their world no matter what power they have.

Every exaltation is different, but the blessing of the Sun will often come during a seminal moment of the mortal’s life, after they have accomplished some great achievement that is theirs and theirs alone. The moment is more often than not extremely obvious, as a great bonfire of anima erupts, bathing the mortal in golden light.

The Unconquered Sun occasionally chooses to speak to his Chosen in their moment of exaltation, giving them ancient wisdom and guidance. More often than not, though, he simply communicates through a feeling of pure emotion, ensuring that the Solar knows they were chosen for a reason.

Solars as Protagonists

A Solar will naturally find themselves as the nexus point of events—where they go, others will follow. They are natural leaders, even if their style of leading is unorthodox, such as a Night Caste gathering the masses silently.

Choosing to be a Solar means that you will often be the “main character” of the story, on which everything else depends on.

Solars as Antagonists

There is little more dangerous in the world than those who think they are right, and who can sway others to believe in their vision.

The same qualities that make a Solar a natural Hero will also produce some of the greatest villains. Simply to stand in the way of Solar’s progress—even unintentionally—is enough to earn their ire.

They will never will think of themselves as being in the wrong. To them, they are always the hero—no matter what drastic actions they take or people they hurt along the way.

Solar Bonuses

Skilled Start

The Solar starts with 3 extra dots of abilities during character creation. These points may raise abilities past 3.

Expanded Mote Pool

The Solar expands their mote pool permanently by 2 motes.

Supernal Force

A Solar is able to push themselves beyond normal capabilities. They may purchase Greater Charms of their Caste at Essence 1, and Capstone Charms of their Caste at Essence 3. Twilight Caste Solars may do the same with Greater and Capstone Spells.

Solars may choose a single Martial Arts, which will follow this same advantage.

At Character Creation, you must still purchase 3 Lesser Powers, but may purchase the Greater Charms with the bonus experience.

Solar Excellency

At the cost of 1 Limit, the Solar gains successes equal to the Rating of the Ability used on the roll. For example, if they rolled (Dexterity [3] + Stealth [4]), they could immediately gain 4 successes. This cannot be used on derived static values, such as Resolve or Evasion.

Like most Excellencies, this may be used after the roll is normally determined.


The boundless essence of a Solar is, in itself, a dangerous weapon. With certain charms and actions, the Solar can lance out their anima itself as an extension of themselves.

This Soulfire is particularly threatening to Creatures of Darkness.

Creatures of Darkness

These are any Spirits, demons, or other supernatural creatures whose bodies and nature recoil at the sight of the Sun and his Chosen. The following are a broad stroke classification of Creatures of Darkness:

  • Denizens of the Underworld, such as ghosts, specters, and zombies, and even its champions, the Abyssal Exalted.

  • Any Spirits of the Night, those gods and monsters of Creation that live in the shadows of reality. Luna and her chosen are not part of this classification.

  • Demons descended from the Ebon Dragon.

Being classified as a Creature of Darkness does not belay some corruption of the heart—for example, many of the Night Spirits are dutiful citizens and stewards of the Unconquered Sun—it only represents that their very Essence cannot stand the incredible light in front of them.

Great Curse

Solars are often plagued and defined by their Ego and Control. Caretakers of great power, they will see the problems and ills of the world only in relationship to themselves. Great injustices that have been generational problems will become their personal responsibility, and a judgment on their mind until it has been solved.

All-Consuming Grief

The horrors of the world become too much to bear, and the Solar shuts down, weeping tears at the great injustices that they perceive. They may turn to purifying rituals in an attempt to heal the soul of the world, or even themselves.

Contempt of the Virtuous

The world may be beyond saving, but those around the Solar must be unfaltering in their purity. No slight against purity, no matter how small, should be upheld in the presence of the Solar. If lectures and kindness will not work, then other methods of reprimands must.

Crushing Doubt

The burden of the world is too much for the Solar to take, and they become filled with self-doubt and depression. The simplest of tasks becomes unbearable, the smallest of responsibilities just a chance to fail yet again.

Deliberate Cruelty

The world is a broken place, why fight it any longer? The Solar snaps at those closest to them, speaking words of biting retort that pierce hearts with unerring accuracy and painful depths.

Heart of Flint

Caring for others is too much of a hassle, and too much pain. The Solar becomes a machine of pure logic, following a path devoid of empathy and feeling.

Solar Anima Banners

The anima of Solars will naturally be naturally composed of golds, whites, as well as various oranges and reds that are associated with the setting sun. The figures show inside of the banner will show highly intricate details, often containing symbols, words, and fractal designs that all have deep representations of the Exalt’s soul.

Solar Anima Powers


The Dawn Caste come from those of raw military strength—warriors, generals, strategists, rebel fighters. Their physical might is unparalleled, nor their ability to coordinate and command others.

Fearsome Visage

Reflexively spend 1 Anima. Instill an emotion of Fear, Awe, Intimidation, or similar into a target. This may affect targets that normally do not feel said emotions, such as golems and zombies.


Nothing can outrun the advancing light of a sunrise. Reflexively Spend 2 Anima and immediately Strike your target again. This does not take an action. This may be used once per Combat without a Strife to reset the limit.


Priests, zealots, and orators embody the spirit of the Zenith, who gaze upon their inevitable followers with the fire of the Sun in their hearts, spurring them forward into the shadows.

Divine Mandate

Spend 2 Anima. The mark of the Sun appears on their brow of the Zenith, and all ghosts, spirits, gods, or any other dematerialized beings are forced to revealing themselves for the Scene. Additionally, the Zenith may send any willing or subdued ghosts directly to into the cycle of Reincarnation, releasing them from their torment.

Passion of the Heart

The Zenith’s words will be heard. Once per Session, spend 5 Anima, and force all who witness them in their moment to gain one of their Intimacies, at least for a day.


Knowledge—in all its forms—is the domain of the Twilight Caste. They are undoubted geniuses in whatever fields they choose to study: engineers, doctors, and scholars.

Brilliant Mind

Once per Session, spend 3 Anima. The Twilight’s mind brims with possibilities they see unfolding before them. Predict a sequence of events that will happen in the scene, which is now considered a fact so long as there is no interference.

Anima Assistant

Spend 2 Anima. You shed a portion of you anima into glowing, burning shell(s) of your choice of shape—either a single creature, or a group of small creatures. These assistant(s) are an extension of yourself—a perfect execution of your will. They are represented as a 4-dot Ally.


Even when the Sun sets, his presence can be felt everywhere. The Night caste embody divine determination: they will do whatever needs to be done, in any way necessary.

Silent Presence

Reflexively spending 2 Anima, the Night Caste folds their essence inwards, using it to muffle all of their movements in the Scene. No sound is uttered, nor footsteps imprinted into the dirt. No circumstantial evidence of the Solar will exist after the scene.

Shadow Watch

Once per Session, the Night Caste may immediately Recall a Fact of something they have done in the past that immediately benefits them now—such as tailing someone to discover a Secret, or planting false evidence.


The Eclipse entreaty with all, ensuring that all are heard and understood. They are the diplomats, peacemakers, and merchants of the world, bridging it together into a beautiful harmony—one that they officiate.


Once per Story, spend 4 Anima, and sanctify an Oath made between willing characters. Any who have sworn this oath will suffer Divine, Storyteller-driven retribution—including the Player Characters.


Characters who break their oaths will find laws of reality working against them. They often won’t be able perform tasks in ways they wish to, or will find massive Disadvantages to their actions.

However, this should be used as a Story Device, not a punishment. Don’t blindly apply the disadvantages—make sure it only pops up in momentous situations.


The Eclipse is the ultimate diplomat, and can bring even hardened enemies to the table. Once per Story, spend 5 Anima and force an armistice between two (or more) parties. For the next scene, all involved are forced to meet peacefully, and cannot attack each other during discussions.